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This post on Jihad Watch describes an attack that could easily have gone much worse:

Afghanistan: Jihadists in U.S. Army uniforms attack NATO base

Quoth Muhammad: War is deceit.” “Insurgents attack 2 bases in east Afghanistan,” by Rahim Faiez for the Associated Press, August 28:

KABUL, Afghanistan – Insurgents wearing U.S. Army uniforms launched pre-dawn attacks Saturday on a major NATO base in eastern Afghanistan and a nearby camp where seven CIA employees were killed last year in a suicide bombing. NATO said there were no coalition casualties and the attacks were repelled.

Afghan police said about 50 insurgents attacked using rifles, heavy machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades and other weapons, but had been repelled.

After being driven away from the bases, the insurgents approached the nearby offices of the governor and provincial police headquarters but were driven off, said Khost provincial police Chief Abdul Hakim Ishaqzai.

“Given the size of the enemy’s force, this could have been a major catastrophe for Khost. Luckily we prevented it,” he said.

Small arms fire continued through the morning, while NATO helicopters patrolled overhead.

NATO said two insurgents had managed to breach Salerno’s perimeter, but were observed cutting the fence and killed immediately.

Dead insurgents were seen wearing camouflage jackets and pants seemingly identical to those warn by U.S. Army soldiers….

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It always happens whenever we trust Muslims

The following is an excerpt from a 1999 article about another false-flag operation carried out by the narcoterrorist/Islamist KLA, who, under various names and guises, were then, and still are, the local branch of al Qaeda in Kosovo.

This, of course, took place during the aftermath of the Kosovo War. For those not old enough to remember, Bill Clinton arm-twisted NATO into going along with him in his unprovoked war against the Christian Serbs, on behalf of the Muslim KLA.

The KLA obligingly helped him out by masquerading as Serb soldiers to commit acts of violence against civilians, so as to give Clinton some halfway-credible pretext to bolster his shaky rationale for committing the US and NATO militaries to make war on the Serbs.

Masked smiley in a curved frame


On December 3, 1999, Agence France Presse (AFP) reported that UN police and KFOR [that is, NATO] troops found illegal weapons, KLA uniforms, and Serb police uniforms in a house “inhabited by members of the future Kosovo Protection Corps” [the successor to the supposedly-disbanded Kosovo Liberation Army or KLA].

Would someone please tell us: what are KLA operatives doing with Serbian police uniforms?

Remember all of those news stories about various war crimes and atrocities that were supposedly committed by Serbian police, often wearing masks, during the NATO bombing and before?

The stories completely contradicted other reports, such as official documents from the German Courts, which ruled that there was no persecution of ethnic Albanians in Kosovo. [See note #2 at the end]

Of course, the stories did not offer any hard evidence that the culprits were actually Serbian police.

But these stories certainly were convenient for the NATO sales team, and the mass media, in terms of selling the war against the Serbs. What an effective way to turn public opinion against the Yugoslav nation and the entire Serbian people!

One thought we had at the time: ANYBODY can put on a stolen police uniform. And the KLA wouldn’t have to steal the uniforms either; they could simply manufacture identical uniforms in any clothing factory.

This is all especially eerie because we read a Reuters story dated December 4, 1999 about the fighting going on in Chechnya, in Russia. According to the story the “US-sponsored Radio Liberty” reported that “masked Russian troops had opened fire at close range on the column of refugees.”

“Masked Russian troops”? Again, why the masks? IF they were trying to disguise who they were, why wear Russian uniforms? Unless of course they really anti-Russian troops trying to provide negative media coverage to be played in the West, where the governments (especially the Clinton administration) are supporting the Chechnya rebels behind the scenes because they want to see Russia broken up into edible pieces.

Here is the first half of the AFP story about the uniforms:

Illegal arms cache found in homes of Kosovo Corps members

PRISTINA, Yugoslavia, Dec 3 (AFP) – A stash of weapons was found in a house in southern Kosovo inhabited by members of the future Kosovo Protection Corps, UN police said Friday. UN police officers and members of the NATO-led forces in Kosovo (KFOR) searched two houses in Stimje, where they said they found “anti-tank rockets, anti-personnel land mines, sub-machine guns, thousands of bullets, as well as Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and Serb police uniforms.” They arrested two members of the Kosovo Protection Corps, who police said would be charged with “illegal possession of military armaments.” Police did not specify the number of weapons found, only indicating that the number was “substantial.”

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The take-home lesson

Never fight on behalf of Muslims, and be exceedingly wary of Muslims as enemies. Muslims can never be counted on to follow the ‘normal’ (i.e.,customary European) rules of warfare, though Muslims are always the first ones to complain whenever they can find a way to make it look as though we are not following our own rules.

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