Caturday: A tribute to bloggers’ cats

by 1389 on August 28, 2010

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Originally published on 2.0: The Blogmocracy

This is a tribute to the feline friends of the blogging community:

Here’s Tom, a cute kitten belonging to the parents of Natasha.

Thumbnail photo of long-haired tuxedo kitten - click for larger image

More about Tom here and here.

This is Tempy, the favorite cat of Heather Ives a/k/a WebKittyn.

Photo of grey and white tabby

I met this kitty on the food blog Palachinka, while I was looking for more information on шљи̏вовица, a/k/a rakija:

Photo of grey tabby

Be sure to read the article itself, containing a guide to making šljivovica.

Update: Here’s F‘s beloved cat, T.C.:

Photo of Her Imperious Majesty T.C.

Cat photos from mfhorn of Blogmocracy:

Black-and-white photo of mfhorn's tabby cat Emily

Photo of mfhorn's cat fluffy orange cat Ferguson

Photo of mfhorn's cats Angel and Ferguson
Angel and Ferguson

Photo of mfhorn's orange tabby cat Angel as a kitten
Angel as a kitten

Cat photo from snork of Blogmocracy:

Photo of snork's fluffy grey cat, also named Snork
Snork the cat

Finally, here’s Conservative Cat from

Orange cat captioned with 'Conservative Cat Does Not Like Your New Ideas'

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