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Fast-track mosque, delay church

Friday, August 20, 2010

When I resided in New York City, I visited one of the most unassuming and humble houses of worship I have ever encountered: the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, which sat directly in front of the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers (“What would 9/11 architect say?” Commentary, Thursday).

The church was obliterated on Sept. 11, 2001, during one of the most deeply symbolic moments of our new century. Why is it that Greek-Americans have encountered nine years of red tape frustrating their efforts to rebuild what is rightfully theirs, but our misguided leaders, eager to pander to those who financially support or bribe them, are bending over backwards to accommodate some Muslims in their suspect quest to build a mosque near Ground Zero? All that mosque will be is a commemoration of their “victory” over us, the infidels.

Religious favoritism is un-American, violates our Constitution and is very dangerous in a democracy.

Henderson, Nev.

Mosque = security risk

The Ground Zero Mosque, and ANY mosque, has the potential, and in fact the likelihood, of becoming a focus of jihadism and a source of subversive propaganda (taqiyya). That is simply because jihadism (and no, I do not mean “internal struggle”) and taqiyya are central and indispensible tenets of Islam.

If the 9-11 mosque in the US were to be built, it too would become a pilgrimage and recruitment center for jihadis. This is a matter, not only of respect for the dead, but also of national security.

While the tranzi-progressive/pro-jihadi NYC bureaucrats, politicians, and media pundits are doing everything they can to smooth the way for this mosque (and being very self-righteous about their reasons for this), they are creating every possible obstacle to the rebuilding of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, which was destroyed in the 9-11 attack when the South Tower fell on it.

What you can do

Rebuild St. Nicholas CHURCH at Ground Zero, not a mosque

The St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox parish still has an active congregation but no building; they have been meeting to worship in Brooklyn. Now, many of us Orthodox Christians, working pretty much independently by word of mouth among friends and parishoners, have finally succeeded in getting some news media attention to this matter.

I’d like to ask all Americans supporting St. Nicholas Church to call, write, or better yet, GO AND VISIT the offices of their US Representative and US Senators. You will probably just get to talk to a staffer, but the staffer will pass this information along. It makes a BIG difference if you take the trouble to write a personal letter or show up in person.

Everyone, please, pass the information along to everybody else you know who might be interested. Put it on Facebook, repost it on your own blog, email it to your friends and relatives, whatever else you can think of.

Let’s keep the pressure on, and keep this issue before the public eye!

Church web site:

Address for donations to rebuild:
St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, PO Box 420968, Brooklyn, NY 11234

Thanks again to everyone who has helped us spread this message.

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