Nazi Salutes at the Turkish Embassy

by 1389 on July 26, 2010

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Here we go again…

Once again, we are seeing a link between a Muslim-majority nation and Nazi aggression. The Albanian Muslims profited from their Nazi ties to begin expropriating the Serbs in Kosovo. And the Nazi Alija Izetbegovic later became the first Muslim president, or perhaps warlord, of Bosnia & Hercegovina.

This time it’s Turkey. The vast majority of the population of Turkey is Muslim, even though Turkey is, by law, a secular state, at least for the time being.

Jihad Watch reports: “Clear off, Zionist dogs” painted on 1,700-year-old church in Turkey:

The offenders allegedly defaced the stone walls of the church on Monday with various slogans, such as “Clear off, bastards,” “Clear off, Zionist dogs,” “Heretics, lay off,” and “Zionist powers, clear off,” in Turkish and, “Allah u Muhammed,” and “Prophet Muhammad, fight the infidels and hypocrites,” in Arabic.

In addition, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood have been very busy in Turkey radicalizing Muslims and stirring up anti-Semitism as well as enmity against Israel. The most recent upshot of that was Turkey’s involvement in staging the Gaza flotilla.

From the 1389 Blog Mailbox:

From: Cyprus Action Network of America
To: 1389 Blog Mailbox

Dear 1389,

Please publish and write about the following two links about the TURKISH EMBASSY HITLER SALUTE ON JULY 20, 2010
(Look for Gunay Evinch in the background)

Thank you.

–Nikolaos Taneris, Press Officer, Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA)


For Immediate Release: July 21, 2010
Contact: Nikolaos Taneris, New York, Tel (917) 699-9935

NEW YORK—The Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA) demonstrated against the Turkish Embassy in Washington DC on July 20th, 2010 for the entire business day, to mark the 36-year anniversary of the illegal Turkish invasion of Cyprus that began on July 20, 1974. Greek-Cypriot demonstrators from the DC area and from as far away as Florida and New York participated. The Greek-Cypriot demonstration was helped by Armenian community supporters, (whose people are an integral part of Cyprus ) and suffer from the ongoing illegal Turkish-military-occupation, and by pro-Israel activists. The Greek-Cypriot demonstration applauded American celebrity Jennifer Lopez’s “NO” to Turkish terrorism. Protest slogans emphasized the Turkish Crimes against the Greek-Cypriot people and the brutality of the illegal Turkish invasion, and ongoing illegal Turkish military-occupation.

Many diplomats and journalists took pictures and videos of the demonstration, and diplomatic staff from the nearby Embassies of India, Japan and South Korea voiced their admiration of our commitment to justice and human rights by asking for our flyers and information about the Turkish Crimes committed in Cyprus.


A counter demonstration was staged and closely supervised by Gunay Evinch, of the law firm Evinch and Saltzman. Gunay Evinch is widely acknowledged as “the lawyer of the Turkish Embassy.” Gunay Evinch has defended Turkey from American lawsuits by Greek-Cypriot Americans, he is the President of the Turkish Lobby. Gunay Evinch is a promoter of Armenian genocide denial within the United States and the source of Turkish invasion of Cyprus denial propaganda for Turkey in America.

The main speaker for the Turkish Embassy counter demonstrators (who was witnessed as receiving help and consulted with Gunay Evinch) repeatedly made the Hitler salute and shouted “Heil Hitler” towards pro-Israel activists and the Greek-Cypriot community. The Turkish Embassy staff also participated and helped GUNAY EVINCH AND THE TURKISH EMBASSY HITLER YOUTH who also barked out to the Greek-Cypriot community “Turkish soldiers raped your mothers” and further committed hate crimes against women by making obscene gestures with his genitalia and his megaphone. The Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA) will be releasing the pictures and videos of GUNAY EVINCH and his Turkish Hitler Youth making the Hitler salute to Jewish Anti-Semitism watch groups and to the Israeli and German government which monitors such hate speech and hate gestures and enforces heavy criminal penalities for glorifying Hitler:


YouTube: Turkish Embassy Hitler Salute on July 20, 2010
(Look for Gunay Evinch in the background)

YouTube: Turkish Embassy Celebrates Rapes of Greek-Cypriot Women
(Look for Gunay Evinch in the background)

YouTube: Turkish Embassy Genitalia Gestures
(Look for Gunay Evinch in the background)

Click for high-resolution picture of Gunay Evinch directing his Turkish Embassy Hitler Youth
Gunay Evinch directing his Turkish Embassy Hitler Youth

Jewish-American writer and political commentator Daniel Pipes (who has been in communication with CANA) published a FASCINATING and commendable Op-Ed on July 20, 2010 in the Washington Times about the Turkish invasion of “Greek land” in Cyprus, and the Jennifer Lopez cancellation of her performance in Turkish-Occupied Cyprus. We republish it below.

The videos of the Turkish Embassy Hitler Salute should not at all be surprising, the Hitler book “Mein Kampf” is a runaway bestseller in Turkey, and Turkey has strong ties with anti-Semitic terrorist organizations such as Hamas (classified by the US government as a terrorist organization) The wildly popular anti-Semitic “Valley of the Wolves” movie and television series in Turkey falsely claims that Jews and Americans “harvest organs” from Muslims in Iraq.

In remembrance of July 20th the Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA) salutes all defenders of human rights, and the struggle and resilence of the survivor people of the nation of Israel and the survivor Greek-Cypriot people.

Click HERE to read the rest.

Now here’s a thought:

Greek-Cypriots: We Need a Defense Cooperation Agreement with Israel:

So hopefully Israel, Greece and Cyprus are learning a lesson that never should have needed learning, because of its painful obviousness. Now that all three find themselves “betrayed” by the Muslim world, they can try working together rather than against one another while trying to win over the Muslim and Arab world.

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1 Robert August 14, 2010 at 9:52 pm

Mr. Taneris,

I have read your letter here and have carfully examined four times, ALL of the video footages as well as the high resolution photo of Gunay Evinch and a Turkish protestor. Sir, I saw absolutely nothing of Gunay evenich giving any kind of “Hitler Salute”. There was a protestor who did give a brief salute, but your side does much worse on a continuous scale! After reviewing the given materials, I must conclude that you are not only a liar, but continue to strategize from the books of dashnak Armenians and Eoka-B terrorist Greek-Cypriots! You see, being that you and the Armenians are Christians, and that both of you are whining little punks, you can’t stand it when a Moslem secular nation (who were your masters for five centuries), who legally liberated Cyprus in 1974 to protect the Turkish-Cypriot minority from not only being treated as second class citizens, but also from being murdered, all that you can revert to is to release your pent up jealousies and massive envy of Turkey, Ataturk and Turks in general, which leads to your low self-esteem, ultimately leading to frustration on your parts, and then these petty exhibitions of anger as an outlet! We’d squash you all like a bug if we really wanted to do so! Your propaganda is so weak and transparent, that a three year-old can see right through it!!! Try some new material next time. That way, people wii laugh with you, instead of at you!!! get your fact sstaright next time as well.

2 steve marsia August 26, 2010 at 6:56 pm

Did you don wood&tony gilmore are working for the nazis?

Blog admin 1389 replies:
Who are Don Wood and Tony Gilmore, and what is your evidence?

3 steve marsia September 20, 2010 at 10:07 pm

this monday or thursday we make history,then the fourth reich can begin in the united states.log

Blog admin 1389 replies:
What on earth are you talking about? You are making absolutely no sense whatsoever. Your website does not exist.

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