Photo of McCain with hideous angry grimace: 'Dump McCain NOW!!'

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Subject: Re: Arizona Immigration Gone Awry: Why Rape Victim Had to Defend Herself (July 15)

Hi Bob, Good article!

How about that McCain? Where has he been for the past 24 plus years? He was once even in favor of amnesty for illegals (McCain-Kennedy Amnesty Plan) but now that it is popular, all of a sudden McCain is for border control. What a hypocrite – see: McCain supports amnesty, says immigration activist and Kennedy-McCain Amnesty Plan Falls Flat.

We are, of course, supporting J.D. Hayworth, especially after McCain’s support of the Muslim jihadists in Kosovo – and then he claims to be the best one regarding our homeland security. He didn’t mind turning Kosovo over to a bunch of Muslim war lords. See: McCain and the KLA Connection

See: Allah’s Willing Executioners, March 2008 and scroll down to see the picture of Cindy McCain with Kosovo’s war lord, Prime Minister Hashim Thaci. Kind of unbelieveable, isn’t it, that we would support Muslim KLA terrorists over the Christian Serbs?

I just hope the Serbs remember just who this guy is when election times rolls around and send money to Hayworth. I want McCain to go down!

I understand that there are at least four other states that have even stricter immigration laws – And how about a president that supports the president of Mexico over his own people? If the governors of all the states had any gumption, they would all openly support Arizona – but then, that may be asking too much?????



Info on J.D. Hayworth: and

Mailing address for contributions for J.D. Hayworth: JD 2010 P.O. Box 28604 Scottsdale, Arizona 85255 (602) 923-3823

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From: Bob Djurdjevic
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Subject: Arizona Immigration Gone Awry: Why Rape Victim Had to Defend Herself (July 15)


Hello everybody. As you know, I don’t write many Truth in Media editorials these days, or years for that matter. But when something outrageous happens, such as the anti-G20 protests in Toronto, or the new information that just crossed my desk about Arizona’s illegal immigration that calls for the real TRUTH to emerge, well… I answer the call. Check it out…

A few months ago, a groups of friends sat around the table here in Hawaii and debated Arizona’s new immigration law. The law was seen as “racist,” “bad,” “unlawful,” “unconstitutional,” etc. by most people. Strike “most.” Make that ALL participants in the discussion. Of course, they were merely echoing the so-called “liberal” media headlines.
Except for one. As the only Arizonan in the group, this writer finally asked the question: “So are you saying that it is unlawful to uphold the law and make something illegal – illegal?”

My Hawaiian friends argued that since immigration is a purview of the Federal Government, a state has no right to enforce the federal laws.

But what if such federal law enforcement is slim to none? What is a state or a citizen supposed to do if their properties, land, nature, and foremost of all – their physical and economic security – are being blatantly violated while the Feds do next to nothing to prevent the carnage? Sit back and watch it being destroyed so that some American businesses can benefit from cheaper labor?

Well, it is easy to cast stones at our beleaguered border states, such as Arizona, while sitting in an office in Manhattan or Hollywood, or while debating immigration over fish dinners in Hawaii or Seattle. But as one who still considers Arizona his original American home, my heart cried out in outrage when I watched the following videos, just released by the Center for Immigration Studies in Washington, DC:

Floodgates which opened in 1965 with Immigration Act are now gushing more than BP’s Gulf of Mexico oil gusher.

Arizona Immigration Gone Awry: Why Rape Victim Had to Defend Herself

New documentary video, released by Center for Immigration Studies helps explain, vindicates Arizona’s new immigration law: A case of self-defense.



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