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By 1389

As I have pointed out earlier, the damage that has been done by outsourcing our technical know-how to India and China, ever since Reagan left office, is irreparable.

  • Starting with the Clinton Administration, we GAVE a wealth of technological access to the Chinese, allowing their military-industrial complex to progress much faster than would otherwise have been the case.
  • Through the H-1b program and the tax and regulatory advantages of offshoring, the federal government has made it more and more difficult, verging on impossible, for Americans to make a decent living in high-tech careers. Young people aren’t going into those fields, and older folks are finding low-paying jobs outside their fields, or are retiring on inadequate incomes because they can’t find work any more.

This gives the high-tech companies (run by tranzi progressives, and sometimes by immigrants from Muslim countries, who contribute heavily to the Dems) an excuse to claim that we need to outsource and offshore even more, because of the a shortage of home-grown high-tech help. Of course, it is a lie, but in the future, this shortage will indeed exist, simply because nobody born here can hope to make a living in high-tech fields.

Creating TWO underclasses of indentured servants

  1. Managers and CEOs at high-tech firms aren’t offshoring and outsourcing in order to enhance America’s competitiveness by recruiting “the best and the brightest.” It’s all about short-term self-interest. What they really want are poorly-paid, compliant, and easily intimidated foreign workers who will make no demands and who will do exactly as they are told, with no thought given to pesky matters of conscience such as loyalty to the US or to Judaeo-Christian standards of ethics in the workplace.
  2. Adding insult to injury are all of those efforts to get American youngsters interested in studying for high-tech careers. That includes one of the three things that Obama tasked former NASA director Charles Bolden to do: to inspire children to learn math and science. Even the most talented children will seldom put the effort into studying math and science unless they think there’s something worthwhile that they will be able to do with that knowledge.

    By the time they reach college age, those youngsters are being induced take out student loans that they will never be able to pay back, because there will be no jobs in those fields for Americans. The sneaky thing here is that student loan debts cannot be discharged through bankruptcy, so the federal government gets a permanent class of people in peonage and debt-slavery. The federal government can then promise to forgive some part of the student loans if the victim agrees to spend a certain number of years doing menial tasks promoting the interests of those currently in power.

Raising vipers in our bosom

On the other hand, the offspring of our jihadi enemies have enough petrodollars that they need not trouble themselves about unpaid student loans. Instead, they come to the US on student visas, accumulate the technical knowledge that their own benighted societies cannot produce, and take it back to their compatriots at home and abroad to use against us. It never occurs to the members of the leftist-jihadist convergence who run our universities that it is a bad idea to provide technical training to our avowed enemies.

Here’s my advice:

If you want a high-tech career, don’t borrow money to learn it and don’t plan on living in the US.

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