Quite the contrary.

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The UK, Germany, and other G-20 countries are cleaning house while the US, under George Soros and the Obama regime, is trying to drag the rest of the world, along with itself, down into the abyss.

See for yourself:

  • Soros wants to collapse German economy with debt

    Transnational Totalitarian Progressive George is well known to be Barack Hussein Obama’s puppet master. He is a supporter of Islamic-Imperialist groups like Hizballah and Hamas. Soros despises American allies like Colombia and Israel and through his funding of International Leftist NGO’s. In short Soros is the perfect Bond villain, an evil sinister man who had no qualms taking the property of fellow Jews during the Holocaust.

    Barack Hussein Obama recently lectured the G20 nations to not balance their budgets. Instead he wants them to keep spending and borrowing. The reason for this is very simple, he is doing his master’s bidding. George Soros and his buddies collapsed the US economy in Sept. of 2008 so the Progressives can seize power. That was not enough however, now they want to bankrupt the whole world starting with Germany. Soros had the audacity to try to lecture the German government into spending more moneyRead the rest.

  • Defying opposition from within the Coalition, Tories to shut the open door for migrants

    Theresa May will unveil the country’s first ever cap on migrant workers on Monday – finally ending Labour’s open door immigration policy.

    Despite opposition within the coalition Cabinet, the Home Secretary will impose a strict limit on the number of non-EU work permits that can be handed out.

    Eventually, it is expected to lead to a sharp reduction in the more than 100,000 migrants and their family members who are told they can work here each yearRead the rest.

    In other words, the UK is working to roll back all forms of immigration, legal and otherwise, especially from Third World countries. The US should be doing the same.

  • The Hill: US Isolated on Spending at G-20

    …Germany, France and Great Britain have all launched austerity campaigns designed to reduce public debt. They’re motivated in part by the Greek debt crisis, which continues to scare countries across Europe.

    “In the run-up to the summit, a clear plurality of G-20 countries has come up on the side of fiscal consolidation and not stimulus spending,” said Dan Price, a senior partner at Sidley Austin and former President George W. Bush’s “sherpa” for G-20 summits.

    Japan has also introduced a strategy to reduce its budget deficit, while Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who is hosting the summit in Toronto, has challenged G-20 members to cut their deficits in halfRead the rest.

What does this mean?

Why can other countries begin to turn around, while the US seemingly cannot?

One problem is that the system of checks and balances in the US Constitution is broken. When we are foolish enough to elect a truly horrible legislature and President, we have no effective means of rolling back, or even of reining in, the abuse and the usurpation of power, until irreparable damage has been done. The Clinton Administration taught us that the threat of impeachment is toothless. The Supreme Court has too much power, and all too often, it uses that power to reaffirm unworthy laws and regulations as being Constitutional.

What now?

Since 1865, the States have feared to assert their right to annul any federal law or regulation that clearly flouts the Constitution. But that is beginning to change. We can only hope that enough citizens in enough States will realize that the federal government is not our protector, but a socialist tyranny that neither has nor deserves the consent of the governed.

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1 Black Sheep June 29, 2010 at 10:27 pm

I’m having trouble with this part “an evil sinister man who had no qualms taking the property of fellow Jews during the Holocaust.”

How did he manage that when he was only 15 years old at the end of the war? Just curious. The “evil sinister” part I have no problem with.

2 1389 June 29, 2010 at 10:46 pm

From what I read of Soros’ early years, yes, he did indeed betray his fellow Jews to the Nazis when he was still a boy.

That quotation is from an article that Rodan posted at Blogmocracy. The link to the article is directly above the quote. If you have further questions about the article, I suggest that you contact Rodan directly at Blogmocracy.

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