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Yes, 1389 has been banned again…

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I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve been banned from a lot of websites. I’ve been banned from Digg at least three times (for supporting Serbs and opposing jihadis), from Little Green Footballs once (again for supporting Serbs), from BoingBoing (after a single comment criticizing an article written by a left-wing admin), and even from StumbleUpon (my account was hacked and their admins never got around to reinstating me, so I eventually gave up).

Gotta collect ’em all…

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The latest forum that I’ve been banned from is Grouchy Conservative Pundits, a/k/a GCP, formerly Gulf Coast Pundits. No, I am not posting a clickable link here; you can find the link easily enough if you want. The reason I’m blogging about it here is to air my suspicions about what is going on both in public and behind the scenes on some websites and forums, and in some organizations, that portray themselves as conservative, but are not.

Yes, I’ll miss a few people on that board, and those few who miss me should not have any trouble finding me. Most people on the board are happy to see me gone, and have said so, though not in a public thread.

What trash talkers reveal about themselves

I make a point of being plain-spoken, but there is a huge difference between forthrightness and talking trash. Swears and vulgar epithets are not allowed in comments or articles on 1389 Blog, because they encourage bullying and flame wars, lower the tone of discourse, and can rapidly get out of control.

GCP has no such restrictions, but even so, I was amazed at the style of verbiage that GCP admin “Mike C.” used with me. He sounded so much like Charles Johnson (alias CJ) of the turncoat website Little Green Footballs that it wasn’t even funny. I have never been addressed in such a bitchy, snarky, condescending way by any heterosexual male in my entire life. Of course, “Mike C.” is just a screen name, and I have no knowledge of who “Mike C.” actually is and no information about his personal life, and am not interested in anything he may claim to have done that supposedly proves he’s a man. It all comes down to the fact that any male who would directly address a female in such a disgusting, contemptuous way, especially without any real provocation, is not a man.

“Mike C.” enforces a double standard when it comes to another blog admin whose screen name is “Rayra”. (Despite the feminine-sounding name, “Rayra” is, or claims to be, a male with a military background. Yes, I know, on the Internet, you never know who anybody actually is…) Be that as it may, “Rayra” is free to say whatever he wants on the GCP forum, as often as he wants and in as offensive a way as he pleases. On the other hand, women on the site had better confine themselves to echoing the opinions of the male admins, much as CJ’s female minions do with him. It is beneath my dignity to participate in that type of thing.

Neocons are not conservatives

Too many people on GCP seem to be “neocons” as opposed to conservatives, so much so that if truth in labeling applied to blogs and forums, that one should be called Grouchy Neocon Pundits. I have many reasons to avoid the neocons, but my biggest reason is that they can’t seem to figure out that America’s real foreign enemies are the jihadis, not the former Soviet Union, which is dead and gone.

As a person of Slavic descent, the reflexive hatred and suspicion directed toward Russia and other Slavic countries and peoples, particularly Orthodox Slavs, was starting to get old. Slav-bashing is based on a type of racism and bigotry, not on any real evidence. I hasten to say that I don’t approve of every decision that the present-day Russian government has made, but that isn’t the point. On the GCP forum, I did try to point out that Russia is not the Soviet Union, it is not interested in taking over Europe, and if we had not made such a mess of things ever since the Clinton Administration, Russia could potentially be a strong ally against both socialism and jihadism. At least they know what socialism is all about, and they reject it. But whenever I said anything about that, people on GCP would pile in on me like a ton of bricks.

“Conservatives” at the public trough

The major issue that led to my being banned from GCP had to do with my defending the idea that states have the right to secede (and should prepare to do so, as a way to stop the encroachment of socialism) and that Americans have the right to move to other parts of the world and even to become citizens there, if they so desire and if the other country admits them. I said then, and I still say, that declining to participate any further in supporting a tyrannical government, by means of secession or expatriation, can be a valid and principled stand against tyranny.

At that point, “Rayra” and “Mike C.” completely lost it, big time, and condemned me in every possible way.

No, I’m not going to risk copyright issues by directly quoting any of their nonsense here. Their screen names don’t actually identify them, so they have no cause for complaint about my “outing” them in any way, and I do not plan to visit, or link to, any other forum where they exert significant control.

  • Anybody who goes ballistic over someone entertaining the idea of expatriating (or secession) to avoid ruinous taxation, is no conservative.
  • Anybody who, without any evidence, levels a blanket accusation of “tax chicanery” against American expatriates who simply open an overseas bank account, is no conservative.

Evidently, “Rayra”, “Mike C.”, and their supporters seem awfully worried about keeping those federal tax dollars flowing so that they will keep getting their government checks of one sort or another. The very idea that I and others might vote with our feet, take up foreign citizenship, have a decent and peaceful life somewhere else, and stop funding their retirement, is anathema to them.

The very fact that “Rayra” and “Mike C.” went berserk over the very thought of Americans refusing to condemn themselves to a lifetime of poverty and ruin, followed by administrative euthanasia under “Obamacare” in their old age, simply to stave off the fiscal collapse of the federal government, shows where their loyalties really lie. It isn’t to the beleaguered American people, it’s to the federal government, and their quarrel with that government is that they aren’t currently the ones reaping most of the stolen loot.

And if people like “Mike C.” and “Rayra” were running the government instead of the Obaminators, would we be any better off? I doubt it.

Why it’s right to vote with our feet

It only got worse after I pointed out that people who fled the Third Reich after 1933, or the Soviet Union in 1917, had done the right thing. By going somewhere else with their labor and their livelihood, they prevented their efforts and earnings from being used to establish and run a tyrannical socialist regime. Those who voluntarily stayed were later accused of collaborating with the evils that followed.

All of was too much for “Rayra.” He posted a viciously-worded reply, in which he heaped scorn on all those who left the Third Reich, the Soviet Union, and other regimes, blaming them for not having stayed there and killed the dictators. He immediately went on to say that the Obama regime is getting ready to murder millions in the same way. In other words, “Rayra” implied that it is my moral obligation to stay in the US so as to kill off Obama and company.

“Rayra” does not read this blog, or he would know that I’ve already explained why nobody should do anything of the sort. (See “Going Postal” Empowers Evil Tyrants.)

This is not to say that jihadis, socialists, and totalitarians of any stripe, anywhere in the world, deserve anything other than the harshest of all possible fates. But it is not up to me to make that happen! It would be both pointless and counterproductive for individual Americans to put their lives on the line to go out with weapons and kill off the jihadis, the socialists, and the corrupt government officials who are selling us out to them. Okay, maybe I’ve gotten to be too peaceable in my old age, but there is some valid reasoning behind my stance on this matter. The long and the short of it is that any attempt to kill off these evildoers simply gives the current regime more opportunities to smear and demonize dissidents, and to enforce even more repressive measures.

Another reason why beheading the regime won’t work is that the main problem isn’t with Obama and a few people at the top, it’s with the entire American society being foolish enough to let Obama get into power. (See Words of Wisdom from the Czech Republic.)

As far as I know, nobody’s suggesting killing off everybody who was foolish enough to vote for Obama! The figurehead is always expendable, and there’s always another to take his place. Of course, one can only hope that our society will eventually come to its senses and use legal means to impeach and remove all public officials who support America’s enemies and who fail to uphold the Constitution, and then try and punish the perpetrators, along with their financiers and backers, for corruption, treason, et cetera after removing them from office. But such legal housecleaning, however justifiable and appropriate, is not a solution to the folly of the American electorate, simply because it could not possibly succeed until such time as Americans have already awakened from the folly that allowed Obama to get into power in the first place.

Plant being watered

Expect to find a plant in every conservative organization

It wouldn’t surprise me if “Rayra” weren’t some sort of agent provocateur who wants to flush people who harbor anti-government thoughts out of the woodwork. While I don’t have any direct evidence that “Rayra” is a plant, suffice it to say that if I were to encounter him in person, I’d bring a watering can!

Put it this way, if “Rayra” can get people to admit that they also think that killing off the socialist Obama administration would be the right thing to do, then somebody from the goverment can arrest those people, and also use it as an excuse for all sorts of repressive measures against “domestic terrorism.” If you think that’s a stretch, look what happened with the Hutaree people. I find it absolutely despicable for “Rayra” and others to sit back, eat popcorn, and collect their government checks, while goading other people into taking actions that will ruin their lives and will only worsen government tyranny. If “Rayra” actually felt a moral obligation to put his own life on the line by killing Obama, I still would consider it misguided, but it is NOT his business to heap scorn on others such as myself for being unwilling to do the same. But I think that “Rayra” is just a bully and a coward who doesn’t mind getting other people into trouble as long as it doesn’t cause him any inconvenience.

So I decided to call his bluff once and for all. I told “Rayra” that, unless I saw “Rayra” himself, and NOT someone else, on the news as having assassinated Obama, that I would never take seriously anything “Rayra” says. My purpose was either to make “Rayra” reveal what he is up to, or, preferably, to get him to take back his remarks.

Instead, “Mike C.” deleted my comment in a fit of intemperate rage, probably before “Rayra” even got a chance to read it, and shortly after that I was banned.

People can draw whatever conclusions they want from that, but my advice is to watch out for people in any conservative venue who behave like this, and never to trust any of them.

More about this here.

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