Letter from a rabbi: Jews should not support the Obama administration

by 1389 on April 6, 2010

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A Letter to the Hebrews from Nanoc the REMF a/k/a Fastac_6:

I was looking at the post on B. Hussein’s latest appointments, and something that had been troubling me deep down leapt forward. I considered a herem, but decided my standing is such that it would cause more trouble than good. So, I will post a simple plea:

The charge to the Jewish people through the millennia has been simple. At its core, Torah is a simple business contract between G-d and the Jewish people. “Follow My Laws, and I will grant you these rewards.” Implicit in the agreement is the idea that in following the Law, Jews become a light for the world, a living Testament to G-d and all about Him that is Good. Work hard, care for one another, always be learning, and do not do to others that which is hateful unto you. In following this path, Jews have become subject to much painful persecution, for being different. Yet, through the millennia, enough Jews have stayed on that path that, for the most part, a Jew of 2,500 years ago would recognize the rituals and many customs of Jews today.

In our course through History, we Jews have freely given much to the world and continue that through today. Science, literature, religious philosophy, the arts………Occasionally we stumble, and give you a Karl Marx. Marxist thought leads to the destruction of all that is good about humanity- incentive, creativity, worship of G-d, the entire concept of individuals having worth. I call upon all my fellow Jews, in the Honor of All that is Holy, to immediately distance themselves from the administration of Barack Hussein Obama and all participation in Marxist thought and activities. Your continuing participation is a חילול השם, and can only bring tragedy and disaster upon yourselves and all Jews. I am an old Cold Warrior, and lived with the history and reality of how Jews fared in the old Soviet Union. It did not go well.

-Rabbi Mair ben Baruch haCohen.

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