by Stella L. Jatras

Senator John McCain is in a fight for his political career and it is extremely important that the Serbian people remember the incredible harm that Senator McCain inflicted on the Christian Serbs in Kosovo. It’s now Payback Time!

Let us review:

  • In 2000, Justin Raimondo ( exposed Senator McCain’s extreme position in his commentary entitled, “McCain and the KLA Connection.” Raimondo writes, “Naturally, the American media, which made itself into the willing instrument of the War Party during the Kosovo conflict, is reluctant to uncover the fact of McCain’s connection to Albanian extremists.”
  • In a 2008 report, Fred Quigley writes of McCain’s support of Izetbegovic’s harbouring bin Laden in Bosnia: “McCain and Biden have a clear record of supporting Nazis in the past 15 years and there is every indication that Obama with his links to Brzezinski would be very similar in approach.” McCain was involved up to his eyeballs as was Biden in the courting of Bin Laden.
  • In the 2008 commentary published in Tucson Citizen of 1992, Major Richard Felman writes, “John McCain Snubs American WWII Vet saved by Draza Mihailovich and his Serbs, it took me almost seven years to get an appointment with him. While expressing sympathy for our effort, McCain told me he could do nothing. Instead of calling for the investigation I requested of our serious charges – withholding the truth from members of Congress and using taxpayer funds to disseminate communist propaganda are federal offenses – he told me the only way to get at the truth would be for me to write the 435 members of the house of Representatives and get a majority of them to support our effort. I thought the reason the people of Arizona elected politicians was to represent them in Washington.”
  • In 2008, Joseph McMillan published his commentary in the Intellectual Conservative, asking, “Is there Anything McCain Could Do to Persuade Me to Support Him? Yes, One Thing: Kosovo!!!!” McMillan continues, “Kosovo’s recognition by the United States and other European allies like Britain, Germany and France has handed to Islam a victory it has been denied for the last millennium – an Islamic foothold in Europe. Anyone who has read my articles on John McCain will know that I have an intense dislike of the man. So what could he do to change my view of him, and get my support? He could reverse the Bush Administration’s recognition of Kosovo. Should he do that, I would certainly take another look at him, and even regard him as a man with some insight into what we are really facing from the Islamic threat.”

I have merely touched the tip of the iceberg regarding Senator McCain’s unexplained animosity towards the Serbian people. It is NOW or NEVER!!!!!

I strongly urge you to support J.D.Hayworth and rid the Serbian people of Senator John McCain once and for all! Here is your chance to say, “It’s payback time for McCain’s support of the Kosovo Liberation Army terrorists. You can contact J.D. Hayworth at or (602) 357-0000.

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1 Travis April 6, 2010 at 9:15 am

Justin Raimondo is a vicious lying anti Semitic sack of s—.

Blog admin 1389 replies: I agree that at some point, Justin Raimondo did take the wrong stand with regard to Israel. Considering that I have Jewish relatives, this is no small matter from my point of view. That said, Raimondo did help a great deal early on in exposing the lies that were told against the Serbs that led up to the Kosovo War.

2 Travis April 6, 2010 at 2:50 pm

Still, I would not be touting anything that vile anti Semite Raimondo is saying. Raimondo also thinks that the wrong side won the War in the Pacific (thereby in my eyes making him a traitor) and is a 9/11 Troofer claiming that the Mossad had inside information about the attacks. He is a disgusting individual.

Blog admin 1389AD responds: Thank you for your comment, and I do mean that sincerely. I condemn Raimondo’s attempts to suggest that the Mossad had anything to do with the attacks or that the Axis should have won in the Pacific. Suffice it to say that late father and my uncles who served in WWII would be particularly outraged at any suggestion that the Empire of Japan should have won.

By the way, I am not the author of this particular article, and I myself no longer visit Raimondo’s site, and have not done so for a long time. I will say that, back in 1999, Raimondo was a lot more reasonable than he is now. Since that time, Raimondo has chosen to involve himself with various disreputable (and perhaps insane) individuals, and has chosen to allow those individuals to becloud his judgment. For that, he is culpable.

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