OK, some of you still don’t get it! We had an Islamic attack on US military base, and the clueless US news media are treating it like an ordinary crime. The reports/commentators are trying to figure out why this Muslim soldier (who happens to wear a US Army uniform) on a suicide mission opened fire on American troops. It was a fairly obvious suicide mission. Just like the suicide bombers in the Middle East and the 911 attack, Muslims have infiltrated the US military and will be doing their best to give comfort and aid to radical Islam, which has declared war on these United States. (For those of you who speak, “Ya’ll,” I do mean all 50 of those States.)

The American media, once again, is proving that it is nothing more then the propaganda arm of the tyrannical dictatorship in Washington, D.C. True, you do get an election to choose the dictatorship’s figurehead for the next four years, and to pick the 535 power-mad flunkies who have let the real governance of the United States fall into the hands of thousands of unelected federal bureaucrats who are accountable to nobody.

Let’s examine the facts. Nidal Malik Hasan, the shooter, is a radical Muslim. He has been an outspoken supporter of radical Islamic causes. He has been in the US Army for a long period of time and knows the system well. He used that knowledge to kill a number of US troops and wound others. To wear a US uniform and support an enemy cause is a clear act of espionage. Of course, in the heavily controlled US press, no one would dare to point out this obvious fact.

Radical Islam is has been openly at war with the US since 1979, if not before. Yes, it has been thirty years since radical Muslims invaded US soil, namely the US Embassy in Iran, and took over 400 Americans hostage. President Jimmy Carter, one of the most clueless men ever to hold that office in US history, pussy-footed around, so that many of those Americans were not released until Ronald Reagan took office.

Reagan, with his hands firmly on the nuclear trigger, kept radical Islam at bay, but in radical Islamic circles, the hatred of America never ended. Reagan focused on “winning the Cold War.” He did so, but instead of using direct conflict, he pressured and cajoled the Soviets into slowly giving up Communism, thus freeing Eastern Europe from the clutches of left-wing tyranny. (On behalf of all non-Communist Slavic people, Mr. Reagan, please accept a “thank you” from this Czech-American.)

From then on, our position with radical Islam went downhill. The supposed “Third Reagan Term” was a dismal failure. Bush 41, sided with Islamic forces, and chose to help “break up the former Yugoslavia.” What that really meant was that after considerable Islamic violence, which he quietly but wholeheartedly supported, many Christians are now living under Islamic tyranny in the Balkans. Of course, the clueless American media, the abysmally corrupt US State Department, and many gullible Americans still believe that the Christian people of Serbian heritage did some horrible things to these “poor defenseless Muslims.” Nearly two decades of State Department and mainstream media efforts to dig up dirt against the Serbs have unearthed no credible evidence. On the contrary, there is overwhelming evidence that radical Islam and other outside influences not only set up this conflict in the Balkans, but also kept it going until they gained a jihadist stronghold in Europe. Thus, while the Roosevelt Administration helped liberate Europe from the Nazis, and the Reagan Administration helped liberate Eastern Europe from the Communists, the first Bush Administration helped the Muslim terrorists get a foothold in re-conquering the Balkans.

The Clinton Administration continued to coddle radical Islam, going so far as to use the US Air Force to aid and abet the radical Muslim terrorists in Bosnia, Albania and Kosovo. In addition, the Clinton Administration suckered and arm-twisted other nations to contribute their own air forces to aid in the terror-bombing of those who opposed the spread of radical Islam in the Balkans. While the controversy raged about the Clinton Administration’s eagerness to populate the US military with out-of-the-closet homosexuals, the public eye was distracted from the fact that radical Muslims were infiltrating the US armed forces. Of course, during the entire eight years of the Clinton Administration, reports of Islamic attacks on the US, and reports of attempted attacks, continued to trickle into the news.

It is likely that the most successful Islamic attack during the Clinton regime was the bombing of the Oklahoma Federal Building. On the day of the bombing, the US media at first focused the blame on Islamic terrorists. But then, the memo must have gone out to the closely government-controlled US media, so that the blame immediately shifted to US patriots who abide by the original intentions of the Framers of the United States Constitution and support their independent state militia. (No, the Framers were NOT referring to the state police or the National Guard.)

So, what was the payoff for twelve years of coddling radical Islam? What was the real legacy of both Bush 41 and Bill Clinton? The 911 attack, of course! By then, the Muslims had another oilman ally back in the White House, but jihadists have a habit of biting the hands that feed them. Bush 43, being both a former governor of the oil-rich state of Texas, and a close friend of the Saudi royal family and even of the bin Laden family, was not about to admit that we were at war with radical Islam. Instead, he declared war on “terrorism.” At the time, one commentator suggested that this would have been as silly as FDR asking Congress for a declaration of war against aircraft carriers on December 8, 1941. Terrorism is a weapon of war, not an enemy that one can declare war against. Radical Islam has declared war on the US several times during the last 30 years. A fatwa, after all, is an open declaration of war that is also an immediate and ongoing mobilization order. If the Muslim jihadists thought they could fight and win a conventional war against the US, they would do just that. Because they cannot, they use terrorism as their weapon instead.

The current Administration is an abomination. (Perhaps that should be spelled O-b-a-m-a-N-a-t-i-o-n.) A foreign-born immigrant from Africa serves as the United States President, illegally. He is allowed to hide behind his dark skin because all his critics are automatically accused of “racism.” So if you dare criticize his social agenda that is somewhere to the left of Karl Marx, or if you question his coddling of radical Islam, or even if you could not in good conscience vote for him because of his position on abortion, you run the risk of being labeled “racist.” (Note that the author of this article has been much harsher on Obama’s three white processors in this piece, but nevertheless, liberal propagandists with their “bigot” label will be complaining about this article).

Of course, all four of these administrations have used these Islamic attacks as just another pretext to restrict the freedoms of US citizens. Recently, I took my first airline flight since the 911 attack. The way I was treated was totally unbecoming a citizen of the US. Being disabled and unable to walk through metal detectors, I was made to balance precariously while being publicly patted down like a common criminal. The search was so invasive that the lady travelers in my party were aghast.

So, expect more Muslims in the US military to “go postal.” After all, this Nidal Malik Hasan is being passed off as a crazy man who lost control because he was being deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan. Expect the US media to continue to pass off these Islamic attacks on US soil as “random acts of violence.” Expect the US military forces to fight in Islamic countries, supporting one group of Muslims over another. Expect the US media and US government to continue side with Muslim terrorists in Eastern Europe, as they have in both Russia and the Balkans. And, of course, if you are a US citizen, expect to lose more of your rights and freedoms.

The US people should be demanding the following actions:

1. That the United State Congress declare war on radical Islam;
2. That a Constitutional Amendment be ratified declaring that Islam is not a religion, but an enemy ideology, and that it is not to enjoy the protection of the First Amendment or of any other law guaranteeing unabated religious freedom;
3. That no Muslim immigration into the US be allowed until the war against radical Islam has been won;
4. That all Muslims in the US military should be investigated intensively and be required to state publicly that their belief in Islam shall never be used to disobey any order or to commit any act against the US, and that they be required to renounce all individuals, by name, such as Osama bin Laden, who oppose the non-Islamic world and all organizations, such as al-Qaeda and Hamas, who support violence against non-Islamic countries (anyone refusing to do so is obviously a danger to the US military);
5. That dangerous radical Muslims be interned, similar to the detainment of radical Japanese nationals and Japanese-Americans who openly declared their loyalty to the Emperor of Japan over that of the US during World War II;
6. That the rights and freedoms of non-Muslim US citizens be restored;
7. That their respective States each declare its sovereignty; or declare independence from the US federal government.

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1 Kurt November 8, 2009 at 7:29 pm

Dear 1389, a very tragic and unfortunate day for America and its citizens and army personnel.

Unfortunately until real debate is ignited and laws and politics change these tragic acts of violence and terrorism will continue.

In Australia, an influx of asylum seekers (Afghan and Sri Lankan) has prompted debate on the issue of immigration and population (what sort of citizens we want in our country). Unfortunatly the leftie ‘do-gooder’s denounce any free speech of this sort immediately as racism.

Unfortunately there is no such thing as peaceful Islam, but you’re right – declaring War on Radical Islam is a good start.

Hats off to Japan and their strict border policies.

Yours Sincerely

2 kepweng December 6, 2009 at 8:41 am

There is nothing your government can do. The leaders you elected to govern you are all afraid of muslims. They are afraid that if they say something against the muslims. The muslims will declare a fatwa on them. Ha ha ha. 😆

3 Mattexian December 7, 2009 at 10:42 pm

Glad you’re still kicking, stumbled upon your blog then noted the long silence.

The attack at Ft Hood was sad and infuriating, that the government who claims to act to protect us is letting this happen within their halls. I didn’t comment on this on my own blog, because I can’t sum it up any better than others out there.

I’m a little surprised that you didn’t post anything about the Swiss vote that prohibits building of minarets, since I think this is a small victory for Western Civilization.

Admin 1389 replies: I agree about the prohibition on minarets, especially since many Muslim jurisdictions have forbidden the building or repair of churches, as well as the ringing of church bells.

We are continuing to blog on a very infrequent basis. When the US election came down to Hillary, McCain, and Obama, followed by the worldwide economic collapse, it became clear to us that there was not much more that we could contribute by blogging at the same rate as we had previously been doing.

Blogging takes much more of a personal and professional toll than most people realize. Fortunately, we had reached the point where all of the points that we have been trying to make are also being made by many other bloggers, and even by a few conservative journalists and other public figures. So at this point, we have decided to post an article only when we have something to say that nobody else is already saying.

4 Bashy Quraishy January 21, 2010 at 8:39 pm

Dear friends

It is my great pleasure to send you my latest You Tube Video which will give you a glimpse of the situation ethnic minorities are living under in Denmark.
We need your help to raise awareness in the world about this problem which if not unchecked can have dire consequences for this beautiful land. I would be grateful if you can forward this link to your network.


In William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet- Act I, there is a line: Something is rotten in the State of Denmark. I believe that after 400 years, this terrible description of Denmark is being repeated again today.

This has happened because of the right wing present government, which opened the door for racist official policies and anti-Islam ideology in the mainstream politics, through ultra nationalist Danish Peoples Party. Mind you, there is nothing rotten with people. Most of them are polite, kind and accommodating. They are just being mislead by some populist politicians and a sizeable section of media with racist and Islamophobic agenda. As if this was not enough, now some intellectuals, academics, Think Tanks and bloggers have extended this anti-Islam hate into a regular campaign.

A common decent vision for Denmark is still possible to create. but it requires that people like Lars Hedegaard and Danish Peoples Party must be isolated and their hatred stopped. Denmark is very sensitive to publicity of its bad image in the world. Please complain to Danish Embassy in your country and let them know what you think of racism and anti-Islam propaganda in their country. You can also send e-mails to;

Danish Foreign Minister at um@um.dk

Prime Minster at stm@stm.dk

For further information, I can always be contacted on below mentioned details.
If you have already received this mail, please forgive me for this duplication.

Kind regards

Bashy Quraishy
Chair-Advisory Council-ENAR – Brussels
Chair-Jewish Muslim Co-operation Platform – Brussels
Senior Advisor – COJEP International- Strasbourg
Mobile; 0045 40 15 47 71
Phone; 0045 38 88 19 77

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