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by JennSierra on February 28, 2008

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Mixx is being touted as the alternative to Digg. Of course there are literally millions (give or take) of new social networking sites wanting to be the next Digg, but Mixx is actually pretty good. It’s user-friendly, and thus far seems to have avoided the whole “bury brigade” fiasco. Also, Mixx has taken steps to interact with other social networking programs…very Web 2.0!

Now, from the Mixx Blog:

Now you don’t have to leave Facebook to submit, comment on and share content from around the web, and you can share with your Facebook and your Mixx Friends at the same time. And by setting your Facebook Interests you’ll get the stuff you want delivered right to your profile page.

It’s easy to link your existing Mixx account to your Facebook account or to create a Mixx account and, once you do, voila! It’s a MiniMixx! You’ll be able to:

  • See your contacts, your faves, even your Mixx profile
  • Find out what’s popular on Mixx: video, stories, photos and tags
  • See which of your Facebook friends is also a Mixxer
  • Invite Facebook friends to join Mixx
  • Find out if any of your Mixx Groups have crossed over
  • Take the shortcut to a Facebook version of the MixxLounge and see the Mixxers who are also on Facebook and the number of Karma points they have
  • And it’s also easy to add content to your Facebook profile page.

If you already have Mixx and Facebook ID’s, the interface is simple. Go to Mixx on Facebook, and follow the directions.

Also, if you’re using the Web Presence application on your Facebook profile, don’t forget to add your Mixx ID to your list of sites.

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