The children’s jihad, brought to you by Hamas

Fellow newsblogger Cristy Li passed this along to me:

Hamas Rabbit To Children:
“I Will Finish Off The Jews And Eat Them”

Yes, it’s that disgusting.

Here’s a screen shot of the video:

Izz al-Din, Ramallah: We will go on Jihad when we grow up.

Assud, the Hamas propaganda rabbit:

Hamas propaganda rabbit (Assud)

Nahoul, the Hamas propaganda bee

Hamas propaganda bee (Nahoul)

Farfur, the Hamas propaganda mouse

Hamas propaganda mouse (Farfur)

Live-action child abuse, brought to you by Hamas

Know your children’s enemy: Hamas

Our side has been playing whack-a-mole with Hamas kiddie hate propaganda for quite some time.

From Palestinian Media Watch:

Palestinian Authority Television For Children, under the control of Mahmoud Abbas, has now introduced ‘Assud the Rabbit’ on its weekly “Tomorrows Pioneers” program.

Farfur Mouse was first introduced but martyred by a Jew, then Nahoul Bee died when the Israeli siege of Gaza prevented him from reaching a hospital. Tomorrows Pioneers have now introduced Assud the Rabbit telling children, “…I Assud will finish off the Jews and eat them…”

What lovable characters courtesy of Hamas, teaching children to hate Jewish people and Israel.

Update: Mo-Toons and Cannibalism

Atlas Shrugs: Hamas Kids! Don’t Eat Danish, Eat Danes!

You can’t make this stuff up. Rearing a generation of cannibals. Good luck with that …and Obama wants to talk to these guys right? The West is lost ….. From Palestinian Media Watch.

Hamas Kids TV: Don’t eat Danish food — eat the Danes

Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas) Feb. 22, 2008
By Itamar Marcus And Barbara Crook

Assud, the giant rabbit: 'I will bite them and eat them'

Hamas children’s TV dedicated a program to hatred of Denmark, the West and Israel, climaxing with a statement about the West by the co-host, a giant rabbit character named Assud:

“If they repeat it we will kill them … I will bite them and eat them!”

The program focuses on the demand to boycott Danish and Israeli products. Denmark and the West are targeted because of the cartoons featuring Muhammad that first appeared in a Danish newspaper. Israel is targeted because it exists. Saraa, the young TV hostess, describes the publication of the Muhammad cartoons as “the West’s attack against the Messenger [Muhammad].”

[Read the rest.]


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1 Gramfan February 12, 2008 at 7:58 am

They have invented a new kind of child abuse. Teaching your kids to hate and kill takes abuse to a new level,IMHO.

I hope it comes back to bite them where it hurts!

2 Rastaman February 12, 2008 at 11:28 am

I’d heard about them doing this, but hadn’t seen what the toon-types looked like. All societies indoctrinate their children or we wouldn’t have nations of all Catholics, or tribal hatreds and so on. This takes it to a new level though.

Or maybe not a new level. This may be the norm for them and it’s our exposure to it that’s shocking. It fits in with basic Islam, though. Use any tool to conquer, even make bomb fodder out of your children.


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