EuropeNews slammed by e-jihadist DDoS attack, server outage

by 1389 on February 7, 2008

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EuropeNews under attack (update 2)

EuropeNews has been under attack, causing the pages to load slowly or not at all. This is verified to be a botnet attack, coming from Russia. After the relevant IP addresses have been blocked, EuropeNews is now running again.

A Turkish hacker team by name of AyYildiz Team (Crescent and Star Team) has attacked various German sites. More information on Earth Times.

We have found that AyYildiz have paid attention to EuropeNews before and may have directed the attack against EuropeNews. What is known for sure is that the attack was a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack coming from obscure addresses in Russia, probably a botnet. Blocking those addresses gave our server breathing room again, and all is normal.

Also, our log indicates a (failed) hacking attempt against us.

The attackers would need a fresh botnet to resume the attack. That is not completely impossible, but we have more experience now and expect any future attacks to be fended off quickly.

The attack seems to be part of a hacker attack wave related to a fire in Ludwigshafen, Germany, in an apartment inhabited by a Turkish family. Claims of arson have been thrown around, nothing proven.

ABC News report.

Guardian report.

Unsurprisingly, the Turkish government is exploiting the event to the max. Zaman report.

The implications are explored in this Spiegel report.

The latest assumption about the cause of the fire is that it may have been caused by tinkering with the electrical installations. From Fact – Fiction blog (German). Thus, possibly the fault of the inhabitants, not an attack.

False accusations of racist hate attacks constitute blood libel.

Revenge through Internet attacks will be published as widely as possible. We will not give in to assorted Turkish bullying.

The Ludwigshafen fire and Turkish reactions

However, the DDoS is the least interesting bit. What is more sinister is the background and the behaviour of the Turkish politicians, who immediately reacted by trying to smear the Germans as a bunch of killer racists and, by implication, the *Turkish* politicians as the true protectors of Turks in Germany.

That included a Turkish minister visiting the place of the fire and lots of official statements recalling the racist arson attack in 1993, implying that now a new wave of racist attacks against Turks is looming. To show their distrust, a Turkish investigation team was sent to control the work of the Germans – very unusual behavior.

All this is based on a tiny grafitti on the entrance door “HASS”, which they take to mean it’s a hate attack. Given the rampant grafitti situation in Germany, and not least in run-down city part like this, there’s absolutely no firm reason to interpret a simple bit of evidence as conclusive proof about racism. This is far-fetched, and it is a severe case of libel, too.

This play by the Turkish politicians also ignores the fact that the firefighters were doing a marvelous job, that the cause of the fire is still unknown after four days of investigation – including Turks specifically looking for arson – and it skips the little detail that the 1993 attack was extensively exploited by Turkish investment groups to discourage Turks in Germany from investing their hard-earned money in Germany. Later these Turkish investement groups went into suspicious bankruptcies, netting AKP-connected businessmen (and probably AKP itself) a whopping 25 billion euro.

Further, the performance of the Turkish politicians posing as the protectors of Turks in Germany is a divisive move eerily similar to the events in the 60’s that eventually led to the division of Cyprus. This is counterproductive to integration but fits well with the “special role” Erdogan assigns the Turkish diaspora in Europe. We are on the edge of insurgencies in many places, latest in Cologne.

Connecting the dots is an interesting art. But one easily ends up with rather unpleasent results, and I’m scratching my head over this: Is it really this dangerous?

In any case, it would be wise for the German politicians to simply reject the Turkish demands. By any measure, the German justice system is much better than the Turkish one, Turkish anti-minority crimes are rampant anyway, and German fire technicians are perfectly capable of determining the cause of fires, and the undue interference of Turkey into German matters are a severe breach of diplomatic etiquette that deserves no reward, only rejection.

Erdogan deserves the humiliation of being rejected by the German politicians. Will they show enough spine to do so?

GoV: Europe News Has Been Knocked Out

Europe NewsEurope News, a joint Danish-German news and opinion aggregating service, suffered a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack yesterday initiated by Turkish hackers, temporarily incapacitating their site.

It may be that the above link is not working. That’s because the Europe News site was brought down entirely during the night. Since then service to it has been restored intermittently, but it’s not back to full operations yet.

Henrik, who runs the English-language half of Europe news, sent me this account of recent events:

Turkish nationalist hackers attack Islam-critical blogs

The leading Islam-critical news aggregator EuropeNews has been attacked and knocked off the Internet, along with Politically Incorrect and several other blogs. Yesterday, February 7th, we faced a botnet attack out of Russia, which overloaded and crippled our servers. We weathered that by blocking the IP addresses involved. Today, February 8th at 13:50 CET, our server was knocked out entirely. Right now, 15:45, we are online again.

We do not know yet what exactly has happened. A Turkish hacker team by name of AyYildiz Team (Crescent and Star Team) has attacked and defaced roughly a hundred German sites. More information on Earth Times. The group, according to Netcraft, moves to a fresh server every few months. Part of their ethos is to never attack any Turkish web sites.

The attack seems to be motivated by a fire in Ludwigshafen, Germany, in a house inhabited by Turkish families. The fire had wide publicity, not least by a sensational rescue of a baby falling down four stories. The fire brigade is reported to have done a great job at the scene, but nonetheless nine persons succumbed to the rapid fire in the century-old building.

The fire, however, has escalated to a diplomatic crisis between Germany and Turkey, as claims of arson have been thrown around, nothing proven. (ABC News report; Guardian report. More details in this Spiegel report.) Unsurprisingly, the Turkish government is exploiting the event to the max. Zaman reports, like every other Turkish media.

The latest assumption about the cause of the fire is that it may be due to tinkering with the electrical installations. From Fact — Fiction blog (German).

False accusations of racist hate attacks constitute blood libel.

Revenge through Internet attacks will be publicized as widely as possible, and dealt with to the full extent of the law. We will not give in to assorted Turkish bullying.

EuropeNews back online

EuropeNews is back online after 7 hours of downtime. The DDoS attack of yesterday was averted, but today the server was knocked out solid. We are still analyzing the exact cause of the event.

We’re alive and kicking, so please enjoy the articles. 🙂

TC: The German Flag Now Shows a Turkish Islamic Crescent

Billboard with German flag defaced with Islamic crescent

Tayyip Erdogan, the leader of Turkey, the man who said that Turkey was using democracy like people use a bus to reach their destination, the man who maintains that there is no difference between islam and islamism, that there is only one islam, will visit Germany on February 10th. Huge billboards are all over the place. Most of them are entirely in turkish language and desecrate the official German flag.


In the German city of Ludwigshafen, an apartment fire in a building inhabited by turks and kurds only, has cost the lives of several inhabitants. Without even a shred of evidence or the beginning of a reasonable suspicion, the Turkish press and Turks in Germany in unison with the usual leftist do-gooders have concluded, a day after the fire, that this was a politically motivated arson by German right wing extremists. A Turkish delegation will come to Germany to investigate.

Official numbers of muslims (mainly Turks) in Germany are pegged at 3.5 million. Unofficial numbers are between 5 and 6 million. Emotions about the fire are rising right now. German natives do not seem to be upset about the desecration of their flag and the inspection visit of the Turkish leader yet. Via internet, young turks and Germans are trading barbs, accusations and racial insults.
(hat tip and pic: PI)

UPDATE: ARD state TV reports that the fire in Ludwigshafen seems to be due to the theft of electrical power from in house power lines, circumventing the power company counter!


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1 Bigsibling February 8, 2008 at 7:33 am

I’m not the least bit surprised. Especially after the reasons for Foehammer’s web site problems came to light. We’re all just a DDoS attack away from serious headaches.

2 Always On Watch February 8, 2008 at 7:57 am

In my view, jihadists of the cyber type, are sharpening their skills. We can expect more and more cyber attacks having the goal of silencing voices.

3 Henrik Ræder Clausen February 8, 2008 at 12:14 pm

Actually, the DDoS is the least of our headaches. When the attack stops, the server bounces right up where it came from. And the botnet IP’s can be blocked. We did that, and at 23:00 CET yesterday were were back in business.

But they’ve found some means to *kill* the server now.

That’s nasty!

4 bf February 8, 2008 at 2:58 pm


I’d be very interested in those server logs (access.log, error.log), bots are our area of focus. If you’ll send me an email I’ll be glad to take a look at any info you can provide.

blackflag AT

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