An unblinking look into the abyss

by 1389 on February 4, 2008

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From Atlas Shrugs:

Kafir Alalazoo  over at The Jawa Report has done a great service to the free world in assembling the frightening rise in  Jew hatred worldwide. You must watch it. You think you know. But you don’t.

There’s much more over at The Jawa report substantiating this cancer of the soul. GO, read it all. I do this everyday and it knocked me out.


This blog has been a long time coming.

The first rumblings began many months ago, when the proliferation of blatant antisemitism in comments at LiveLeak, YouTube and an assortment of blogs and forums began to open my eyes.

As a member of the Global Zionist Conspiracy™ (although somewhat behind in my union dues), I was already aware that Jew hatred had been with us for some time, and that it still lingered in the shadows. What I was unprepared for was it’s seemingly sudden reemergence into the light, and welcome acceptance into mainstream political and social discourse.

During the intervening months, this new awareness caused me some consternation… and I found myself going in search of this filth.

You’d be amazed how easily one can locate vast resources of images, quotes and comments, videos, blogs and a variety of other propaganda blaming the Jews for everything up to, and including, the attacks of 9/11, AIDS, every global economic tremor and even weather patterns in the Middle East!

You’d be amazed, that is, if you had not already encountered this in your travels – and if you’ve been on the Internet for more than 15 minutes, you have.

In response to this, I have created a video presentation called "The Path To The Final Solution".

If you were not already aware of this resurgence of antisemitism, I hope this video will raise your awareness, and I hope you will aid me by sending it to your friends, family, co-workers and anyone who might benefit from seeing it.*

Due to the 10 minute time limit imposed by YouTube, I had to remove a large volume of material from this video, and I was forced to gloss over several notable items.

Among these is the organized Jew hatred practiced by the states that comprise the United Nations.

From the Soviet backed resolution equating Zinoism with racism, to the U.N. acceptance of a terrorist group (the PLO) as Israel’s equal, and the United Nations’ more recent response to the war instigated by Hezbollah in Lebanon, the community of nations has repeatedly sought to undermine Israel’s security and sovereignty.

Another subject I had insufficient time to address is the sheer volume of Jew hatred that can be found in recent comments at sites like YouTube, LiveLeak, and even here at The Jawa Report.

You’ve likely already encountered TJR’s resident Joo haters, but I’d like to share some of the "good thoughts" that members of YouTube and Live Leak have for those of the Jewish persuasion.

They are below the fold… and they are just a small sampling, a few drops in an ocean of hate.

Because this is not only important to me personally, but because it represents such a grave and growing danger to Jews world-wide, I’ll ask again:

Please help me to disseminate this video.

Send it to your friends and family. Post it in your blogs or on your MySpace pages. Send it to media outlets or influential bloggers.
Just get it out there.

Thank you for your help with this.

*I am sure our resident Ron Paul supporters, in particular, will be most anxious to help me in this endeavor, and to do whatever they can to dispel the perception that Ron Paul is a racist, is supported by racists, and that he is capitalizing (literally) on the broad support of every hate monger, conspiracy theorist and isolationist in the country.

That Paul has successfully enlisted the support of so many fanatics, from such varying (and antithetical) groups as 60’s liberals and white supremacists is truly remarkable, and equally disturbing.

Recent Comments From YouTube & LiveLeak

He has so much more. Go.

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1 Kafir Alalazoo February 8, 2008 at 12:44 pm

Thanks very much for re-posting this!


2 Lee Phillips February 11, 2008 at 9:46 am

I’m not sure I agree with lumping the New York Times in with Hamas, and with equating criticism of Isreal with antisemitism, but the video is an effective spotlight on a growing problem. A related issue is Muslim censorship of US media.

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