Ezra Levant is a lawyer, blogger, and journalist who was recently compelled to appear before a “human rights” commission in Alberta, Canada, to account for his decision to publish the Danish cartoons of Mohammed in Western Standard Magazine. Full details on his battle for freedom of speech and the press in Canada are on Ezra Levant’s blog.

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Want to complain about this infringement on free speech?

Five Feet of Fury has contact information:

Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission
Northern Regional Office
800 Standard Life Centre
10405 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta  T5J 4R7
Confidential Inquiry Line (780) 427-7661
Fax (780) 427-6013

Southern Regional Office
Suite 310, 525 – 11 Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta  T2R 0C9
Confidential Inquiry Line (403) 297-6571
Fax (403) 297-6567


Free speech for the counterjihad: Why we are all in this together

Join The Mohammed Cartoon Blogburst - Learn Why it's Still So Important

Ezra Levant is far from alone in confronting the forces of government censorship and “political correctness” that seek to muzzle and strangle every voice in the counterjihad. Here are just a few recent instances of draconian pro-jihadist censorship that seeks only to keep the truth from coming out:

Your favorite blog could be next!


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