Terrorism expert Darko Trifunovic receives death threat

by 1389 on January 22, 2008

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Why is this happening now? What are the terrorists trying to keep the rest of us from finding out?

Serbia: Terrorism expert receives death threat

AKI (Adnkronos International) Exclusive Interview

Belgrade, 21 Jan. (AKI) – Serbian terrorism expert, Darko Trifunovic, has cancelled a visit to Germany next week after claiming he received death threats from Muslim extremists.

Trifunovic, a professor at Belgrade University, said he has cancelled plans to attend the 11th European police congress in Berlin, after reporting death threats from alleged extremists in Bosnia.

Trifunovic, who has used the term “white Al-Qaeda”, to describe young European Muslims recruited by Islamic terrorist organisations, has been most outspoken on the activities of Islamic extremists in Bosnia and their links to Osama Bin Laden and al-Qaeda.

“I’m not panicky, but I do feel in danger,” Trifunovic told Adnkronos International (AKI) in an exclusive interview.

He said he had decided to avoid the Berlin congress on the urging of his friends and associates, after a threatening message was posted on a Bosnian extremist website, bosnjaci.net

Now this is interesting…

A group of 15 Wahabis was arrested in Serbia’s Sandzak region, with sizable Muslim population, in March last year and is currently standing trial before a Belgrade court. They have been accused of plotting terrorist activities, including an attack on the US embassy in Belgrade.

Trifunovic estimated that up to 40,000 Muslims had been indoctrinated with radical Islam in Bosnia. But he said there are also active Wahabi cells in Sandzak, Serbia’s breakaway Kosovo province and other areas with substantial Muslim communities.

“If only one per cent of these individuals is prepared for the most radical forms of terrorism, the international community should be seriously concerned,” Trifunovic said.

“We are no longer talking about foreign mujahadeen, who have more or less finished their work in Bosnia, but about a ‘small army’ of local followers, with strong logistics, who are recruiting new members and spreading fear.”

That’s right – the Serbian government is putting local jihadists on trial for plotting to attack the US embassy in Serbia!

What exactly does this mean? Had the jihadists gotten away with that nasty little plot, something tells me that they would not have “claimed credit” for the carnage and gore. Instead, as is the case whenever anything bad happens in the Balkans, the jihadists would have tried to blame it on the local Serbs. That would have been easy enough for them to do. Local Bosnian jihadists already speak Serbian and they don’t look any different from Serbs (hence, “white al Qaeda”). The US would undoubtedly have taken the bait, using the allegation as a rationale for dealing even more harshly with Serbia than it already does.

Why are the jihadists so determined to silence Dr. Trifunovic? Like all other branches of al Qaeda, the Balkans jihadists plan to attempt more terrorist activity in the future – and not only in Serbia. And it would cramp their style if Darko Trifunovic were to alert everybody about the extent of jihadist activity coming from the Balkans – especially at the Euro police conference that he was planning to attend. In fact, just now, any publicity about Balkans jihadism could derail the current US-backed effort, dear to the hearts of the jihadists, to pry Kosovo away from Serbia.

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