Is the Daily Kos’ Markos Moulitsas encouraging voter fraud?

by JennSierra on January 12, 2008

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…from John Bambeneck:

Yesterday, I filed a complaint with the Michigan Attorney General against Daily Kos’ blogger Markos Moulitsas, requesting an investigation into whether Moulitsas is encouraging voter fraud in next week’s Michigan GOP primary.

The idea of the freedom to vote is part of the bedrock foundation of this nation. Vote fraud is not a new concept; likely it reaches back even to the time of the founders. However, once vote fraud is discovered, it should be prosecuted aggressively like all flagrant violations of the law. Daily Kos’ call, under the direction of Markos Moulitsas himself, for a conspiracy to commit massive vote fraud during the Michigan primaries may be one of those serious attempts to circumvent election law.

In Daily Kos’ January 10 posting entitled “Let’s have fun in Michigan,” Moulitsas called on Democrats to cross party lines and vote in the Republican primary for the express purpose of helping Mitt Romney win. Romney, he says, will be a “weak” opponent for the Democrats in November. Daily Kos makes no attempt to hide the fact they are influencing Republican primaries as Democrats to benefit Democrats.

Moulitsas’ call could be felonious. Michigan state law clearly indicates that unqualified electors voting in elections is a felony. It also specifies that counseling or aiding someone to vote in an election they are unqualified for is also a felony. Election law clearly specifies that to vote in a party’s primary, one must actually belong to that party….(more)

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1 ahunt January 19, 2008 at 3:02 am

Given that Michigan is an open primary state…the answer is that I can vote for whoever the hell I want to vote for. As it happens, I voted for Ron Paul…just for giggles.

This one’s a non-starter, Blue. JB will lose again…

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