Neo-Nazi concerts continue Down Under, despite complaints

by 1389 on January 3, 2008

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Yes, the tour is still on…

Nazi Rock Band Thompson Touring Melbourne, Sidney, Adelaide, Perth

Nazis evidently have powerful friends in Australia

TENC: Croatian Ustashe (clerical-fascists) in Australia? So what else is new?

As Croatian clerical-fascist rock star Thompson’s Australian tour reaches its half-way mark, with the big question: will Immigration Minister Sen. Chris Evans do the right thing and rescind Thompson’s visa, which he granted with the remarkable proviso that Thompson “will be told that he must not ‘vilify, incite discord or represent a danger to the community'” [1] (which raises the question: why not just grant visas to armed suicide bombers as long as they promise not to set themselves off?), it is worthwhile noting that in Australia Thompson is currently playing to the children and grand children of serious Nazis.

[1] (See following news clip)

The Australian: Tour visa for ‘fascist’ rock singer attacked

Greg Roberts | December 22, 2007

JEWISH and Serbian community leaders have attacked a decision by Immigration Minister Chris Evans to grant a visa to controversial Croatian rock singer Marko Perkovic.

Senator Evans decided yesterday not to overrule a decision by his department to allow Perkovic to travel to Australia next week for a four-state concert tour sponsored by the Croatian community.

Perkovic will be told he must not “vilify, incite discord or represent a danger to the community” during his visit.

Senator Evans made the decision after departmental officers viewed footage of a concert by Perkovic in July in the Croatian capital, Zagreb. The footage shows fans using Nazi salutes and chanting “Kill the Serbs”.

Perkovic’s critics say his songs eulogise Croatia’s fascist World War II Ustashi regime, which killed 700,000 Serbs, Jews and gypsies. George Marinkovic, publisher of Melbourne’s Serbian Voice newspaper, said he was appalled by the visa decision.

“Here is the Labor Government, which got the votes of many Serbian people, betraying us,” he said.

B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission director Manny Waks said the Jewish community was dismayed. “It is very disappointing that as one of its first acts, the Labor Government is promoting a person who is a beacon for racists and neo-Nazis,” he said.

Perkovic will perform before 3000 fans at a concert in Melbourne’s Festival Hall next Saturday. He had been scheduled to perform at the Melbourne Knights Soccer Club premises, but the club cancelled the booking when it was revealed by The Australian in October.

Perkovic will also perform at the home of the Sydney United soccer team, the Croatian Sports Centre in Adelaide and the Burswood Theatre in Perth.

Senator Evans declined to comment yesterday.

Double standard: Aussie anti-vilification laws not enforced against sports hooligans or neo-Nazis

The Australian Jewish News: Leaders divided over pro-Nazi rock band tour

(December 16, 2007)

JEWISH leaders are divided over how to deal with the impending Australian tour of Croatian rock band Thompson.

While Manny Waks, executive director of the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC), has met with the immigration minister to request that Thompson band members be refused entry visas, Anton Block, president of the Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV), has said the band had a right to perform in Australia providing it does not break any laws.

Thompson is a nationalist band that openly supports the Ustashe – a pro-Nazi regime responsible for thousands of deaths – and its concerts around the world have been attended by audiences who wear Nazi insignia on their shirts. Reports also allege that Thompson crowds give Nazi salutes in response to some of the band’s more provocative songs.

With a sold-out Sydney concert on New Year’s Eve and concerts in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth commanding up to $100 per ticket, Thompson has a loyal following among Australia’s Croatian community.

Block said that Thompson does attract a controversial following, but providing it adheres to vilification and offensive behaviour laws, the band, which performed here in 2005, should be permitted to play.

“Thompson has in the past attracted a pro-fascist following who glorify in the symbolism of the dreaded World War II Balkan paramilitary group the Ustashe,” Block said.

“Thompson has a right to perform their music in Melbourne. However, we ask that they respect our laws and recognise that Nazi-era symbols are treated in Australia with the contempt and abhorrence that they deserve.”

Last week Waks met Immigration Minister Senator Chris Evans and Parliamentary Secretary Laurie Ferguson to discuss the issue. Evans told Waks he was personally looking into the matter of granting Marko Perkovic, lead singer of Thompson, a visa, and had requested a briefing from his department on the issue.

Waks said that despite the eventual outcome, the ADC was concerned that the Croatian community had invited the band and supported the tour.

The Geelong-based Australian Croatian Association is sponsoring the Melbourne leg of Thompson’s tour. A spokesperson for the club told a local Croatian community website that the concert is “definitely going ahead and we are very pleased that everything has been confirmed”.

News of Thompson’s tour comes less than a month after a function by neo-Nazi group Blood and Honour was held at the Melbourne Croatia Community Club.

Representatives from that club said they “regrettably” hired out their hall to Blood and Honour, but that “not a single member of the Croatian community” was at the concert.

After hiring its venue to Blood and Honour, the club representatives said they would be more diligent in checking the backgrounds of parties using their facility.

…but anti-vilification laws are used against Christian ministers who expose Muslim doctrine…

Big Yellow Taxi: Christian Pastors, Muslims, and Free Speech in Australia

…and evidently also against Serbs who enjoy sentimental love ballads!

Mercury – The Voice of Tasmania: ‘Gestapo club’ strikes again

By Greg Roberts
October 31, 2007 12:00am

SERBIAN and Jewish community leaders are outraged that the social arm of the Melbourne Knights Soccer Club is hosting a concert by a Croatian rock star with a strong following among neo-Nazi sympathisers.

The revelation follows the club’s apology for staging a concert for neo-Nazi skinheads at its North Sunshine complex this month.

A concert by Marko Perkovic will be hosted by the Knights-affiliated Melbourne Croatia Social Club at the complex on December 28.

Perkovic, Croatia’s top rock star, uses the stage name Thompson, in honour of the American-issued sub-machinegun of the same name that he carried as a soldier in Croatia’s war of independence against Yugoslavia in the early 1990s.

George Markovic, the publisher of Melbourne’s Serbian Voice newspaper, said the Knights should steer clear of extremist elements.

“People in our community are thinking of the Knights as the Gestapo Club,” Mr Markovic said.

Mr Markovic said Perkovic had been granted visas for previous visits to Australia, while Serb singer Ceca Raznatovic has been denied a visa in 2005.

“It’s double standards,” he said.

B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission director Manny Waks said Perkovic’s visit reflected badly on the Knights and the Croatian community.

“It is unacceptable,” Mr Waks said.

The Weekend Australian reported on Saturday that Melbourne Knights chairman Matt Tomas had censured his club’s social arm for providing a venue for the October13 concert by skinhead rock bands.

Mr Tomas yesterday again expressed exasperation at the Croatia Social Club.

“I can understand why people are upset and just wish the social club would focus on its football identity,” he said.

Croatia Social Club committee member Ivan Skunca said the club was not concerned about outside criticism.

“The Serbs can say what they like. It doesn’t bother us,” Mr Skunca said.

Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews said Perkovic had yet to submit a visa application, but it would be carefully considered.

But wait, there’s more!

We just received this newsletter from The Emperor’s New Clothes (TENC) *

Dear readers,

Below is the first part of a three part brief from Emperor’s Clothes, arguing why Australia’s immigration minister, Sen. Chris Evans, must reverse his ruling granting visas to Marko Perkovic Thompson and his band, which grant was accompanied by the remarkable proviso that, while in Australia, Thompson refrain from racist outrages. The only problem is: Thompson is a racist outrage.

The present email is the first of three comprising the full brief. It includes video evidence that supporters at Thompson’s Sydney New Years Eve concert-celebration celebrated the Croatian Ustashe. But then, so do Thompson’s songs.

As noted in another article, in 1973 an Australian Labor Party leader stood up to the Ustashe.

Will the Labor Party’s current immigration minister stick with his pro-Ustasha ruling, and if so, will the current Labor Party tolerate it? We shall see. So far, not a peep of protest from Labor, and not a word of response to us from Evans. The opposition to Thompson in Australia has been politically weak, making it easy for Evans to issue his ruling.

Easy to rule; but afterwards one must live with one’s rulings.

Jared Israel
Editor, Emperor’s Clothes

Rescind Marko Perkovic Thompson’s Visa, senator Evans!

Jan. 1, 2008

From: Jared Israel
Member, International Commission on Jasenovac
Editor, Emperor’s Clothes

To: Senator Chris Evans
Minister for Immigration and Citizenship
Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600

Dear Senator Evans:

I am writing you because your office has, I hope unwittingly, perpetrated a miscarriage of justice, both de jure, in terms of Australian law, and de facto, as regards harmony among peoples, both in Australia and worldwide, the protection of which requires zero tolerance for fascism.

I am referring to your decision to permit the granting of visas to Marko Perkovic Thompson and his associates, enabling them to perform at concerts in Melbourne and Sydney on December 29 and 31, respectively, and, unless you rescind these visas, on January 5 and 6, 2008, in Adelaide and Perth.

In granting Thompson a visa, your office apparently warned him against “vilification” of various groups – his usual targets are Serbs, Jews and ‘non-whites.’ By attaching this unusual qualification, you have implied that, despite granting Thompson a visa, he in fact fails the ‘character test’ for granting visas under the Australian Migration Act of 1958.

Thompson does indeed vilify, but that is not all he does. His music teaches clerical-fascism, the Croatian Ustaša variety, imbuing fascist ideas with the power of rock. His purpose in coming to Australia is, at minimum, to strengthen the clerical-fascist element in the large Croatian-Australian community, which has had a Ustaša problem in the past. Thompson’s presence is therefore a serious danger.

It is in your power to rescind Thompson’s visa, or you may disregard the evidence that follows. In either case you will of necessity take a stand, not only regarding Thompson’s ‘character,’ but your own politics.

Read the entire letter.

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1 annie burke January 4, 2008 at 9:30 pm

It is truly unfortunate that certain “groups” of people think that the world does not know the truth about this whole fiasco regarding the thompson tour in Australia. Only certain “groups” continue to call Croatians nazi’s, which is totally unfounded, even the Germans are no longer called nazis. Please stop this utter stupidity, it really reeeeks of propaganda, and believe me the world knows this. Please provide facts and not inuendos and ” it has been alleged”, because, again we all know where this information is coming from. People are sooo much smarter these days.

2 1389 January 4, 2008 at 10:35 pm


Wow, excuuuse me! I didn’t realize you had the authority to speak on behalf of the whole world.

Rest assured that nobody is implying that all Croats are Nazis. We are aware that a goodly number of Croats fought against the Nazis, either in the resistance or as members of Allied armed forces.

Here, we are talking solely about people who wear Nazi insignia, make Nazi salutes, scream Nazi slogans, and proclaim their intent to complete Hitler’s mass exterminations.

3 max April 1, 2008 at 2:06 am

can someone please tell me were to find skinheads in australia

Why do you wish to find skinheads in Australia?


4 Brett April 6, 2008 at 5:28 pm

Can someone help me find those female fans of the band Thompson?

(Editor’s note)

Admim 1389

5 Mark June 12, 2008 at 2:44 am

The Palestinians are against israel taking their land, so what we should now call Abaas and his people NAZI’s. Grow up Serbia and smell the roses, people aren’t stupid. Your Nazi prop[aganda towards others is just getting a little annoying.

6 J September 15, 2008 at 3:18 am

where could i find more info on neo-nazi’s

7 rom February 15, 2009 at 7:45 am

mark what are you on about i suggest you get a book and start educating yourself on balkan history, instead of making inproper speculations about something you have no idea about. im serbian and indeed not all croatians are nazis but the band thompson glorifyes the ustase and nazi regime during world war 2, if you do not belive me listen to the song “jasenovac and gradska stara” and ask someone to translate the lyrics for you. then you will see why the serbian and jewish comunity are so against it.

8 gregory January 16, 2010 at 5:50 am

Not all conservative Croatian activity in Australia is as blantant or miltaristic. There are Croats holding important positions in many Catholic organisations. Generally, they tend to be highly professional & competant administrators with a modus operandi bordering on ruthless efficiency. They certainly don’t have a reputation for kindness, compassion, tolerance and forgiveness.

9 ABC November 16, 2010 at 12:46 pm

Alright “rom”, why isn’t Lady Gaga banned from performing in Christian countries after her more recent film clips? Stop being so precious, when did he glorify the fascists and ustase? At his concert in Maksimir,
Thompson openly said that he does not support the ustase or fascists, but rather a Croatian homeland.

Obviously that’s too much for you and your people to grasp as “Velika Srbija” will never come true. Yes, I mentioned Velika Srbija, or “Greater Serbia”, which was supposed to comprise of all of Bosnia and Herzegovina and a large part of Croatia. Oh goody, Serbia has fascists too. Remember when Serbia won Eurovision? Well the lead singer has actually come out and said that she supports groups which believe in a Greater Serbia! Oh no lets ban her from singing.

For the record, the closest thing that Thompson says in his songs to fascism is “Za Dom – Spremni” which was used by the Ustase. BUT, that is derived from the original use in Medieval Croatia “Za Dom – Spremni Umrijeti” which translates to “For Homeland – Ready to die”.

Before you accuse me of being a fascist, I am wholeheartedly against fascism, and communism for that matter.

Oh and here’s some food for thought for you buddy, why is Arkan praised as a war hero and why is Ceca still allowed to sing?

10 1389 November 16, 2010 at 6:57 pm

Arkan is dead. There is some controversy about Arkan and his activities. Not everyone agrees that he is a war hero. I am not privy to enough information to make any determination.

That said, the evidence against just about every other Serb accused of war crimes has proved to be flimsy or nonexistent. For that reason, I refuse to pass judgment on Arkan.

Whatever you may think of Arkan, Ceca has done nothing wrong. There is no justification for prohibiting her from singing anywhere.

11 ABC November 16, 2010 at 11:51 pm

Look this debate can go on for years, but Thompson himself has DENIED any association with fascism or nazism. If that isn’t enough for people to see that he is neither of those than nothing is and no one will change their minds. I wouldn’t be concerned about Thompson if I was trying to stop Nazism from growing, I would be much more concerned about the skinhead movements all over the world.

Isn’t 1389 a radical fascist group in Serbia?

Blog admin 1389 replies:
I am not aware of any genuinely radical fascist groups in Serbia of any significance. Any group that supports the continued existence of Serbs as an independent people is automatically labeled as fascist by enemies of the Serbs. This is nothing more than an instance of projection – in other words, “pot, meet kettle.”

1389 was the year of the Battle of Kosovo.

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