1389 just wrote to Websense – and why you should do the same!

by 1389 on December 21, 2007

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“What’s this about?”

See yesterday’s blog post:

Websense(less) plays censorship games on the enemy team.

Websense is up to its old tricks again – blacklisting counter-jihadist sites by assigning them to the wrong categories. As a result, many workplaces, schools, and WiFi sites that use Websense “content-filtering” or “censorware” services will automatically block readers from accessing those sites.

We don’t know whether people working for Websense, or malicious outsiders, have been mislabeling these websites – but whoever it is, they are helping our jihadist enemies, and we will not tolerate that.

“What message did you send to Websense?”

Here it is:

I request that http://foehammer.net (Foehammer’s Anvil) be reclassified as a news site. It is currently misclassified as a “games” site.

There are NO games on Foehammer’s Anvil. Instead, it is a a hard news and commentary site with no fluff. The Anvil offers a news aggregator regarding jihadist activity, plus articles and commentary about the U.S. and worldwide political scene as it relates to confronting (or failing to confront) jihadism. Furthermore, the admin keeps an eye out to exclude obscene vocabulary, threats, spam, and the like.

In addition, I request that you also reclassify http://gatesofvienna.blogspot.com (Gates of Vienna) as a news and commentary site.

Like Foehammer’s Anvil, it is a counterterrorist site, whose admins carefully screen out bad language, threats, spam, and so forth. It differs from the Anvil in that it focuses somewhat more on European (including UK) counterterrorism news and views.

Counterterrorism news and debate is something that everybody needs in order to make intelligent decisions in the business world, in the voting booth, and elsewhere. Making it too easy to suppress this information helps our jihadist enemies, at everyone else’s expense.

“So why do I need to write?”

Because one person cannot do it all…

Do you value and appreciate good blogs?

If you do, you should be aware that blogs – even nonprofit blogs – don’t remain active unless their intended audience can access and read them. Anything that keeps readers away from a blog will hurt the blog’s chances of survival. So if you want your favorite blogs to be around a few months from now, you need to support them by making sure that nobody is “gaming the system” to obstruct reader access.

Do you value and appreciate your freedom?

Yes, sometimes you have to fight for your freedom – sometimes with the sword, sometimes with the pen, sometimes with both. Okay, these days, the armaments are likelier to involve tanks and fighter planes – along with computers and the Internet. Your email and your blog, if you have one, can be an effective weapon to fight for freedom. Use it!

“How do I get in touch with Websense?”

They don’t make it easy, but we found a way…

Contact Websense to request that Foehammer’s Anvil and Gates of Vienna be reclassified as news/opinion sites:

Websense Corporate Headquarters
Gene Hodges, CEO
Douglas C. Wride, President and CFO
10240 Sorrento Valley Rd
San Diego, California 92121 USA
Tel: +1 800.723.1166 or +1 858.320.8000
Fax: +1 858.458.2950
Websense Email Form
(Note: Websense will not accept the form if your email address is on a web-based server, such as Yahoo. If that’s a problem, then write or call them up and complain!)

Investor relations:
Kate Patterson, VP of Investor Relations
Tel: 877-273-7379 or 858-320-8072
Fax: 858-458-2959
Email: kpatterson@websense.com

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