Has Digg Dugg a Hole too Deep to Crawl Out?

by JennSierra on December 17, 2007

in Digg

diggforsale.jpgAccording to VentureBeat, Digg has hired an investment firm to help broker it’s sale (>$300M). Mashable reports Google, Yahoo, NewsCorp and Microsoft have indicated they are not interested in Digg, and that likely buyers are old media newspaper companies, although the New York Times, and the LA Times have recently invested in Digg competitors.

Digg has created quite a problem for itself in cultivating it’s popular “bury brigade.” Death by 1000 Papercuts has a good consolidation of Digg’s recent woes on Falling Traffic, Censorship Claims, Diggs for Dollars, Can Digg UnBury Itself?

Anyone want to give $300M for a Facebook wannabe?

Also see: FHK’s Digg Archive and resist! censorship campaign

(hat-tip, 1389, also on FHK)

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