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Who are the REAL racists in the blogosphere?

Leftists, that’s who!

The blogosphere has become a mighty ugly place lately, and I am about to clear up and dispose of some of the filth and lies that are being flung about. This mess must be cleaned up, for many reasons – just for starters, the failure to deny and refute false accusations is all too often taken to be a tacit admission of wrongdoing.

In the comments associated with Fjordman’s recent article published at Gates of Vienna, this recent GOV article about the Celtic cross, and WRONG ON SERBIA at Atlas Shrugs, the lizardoid hate squad once again reveals, among other things, their own rabid racism against Serbs.

As shown by their own words, THEY, and only they, are the real racists. Not the Serbs, not the Israelis, not the European anti-immigration parties – but the leftists who spread their lies in the MSM and the blogosphere, and their jihadist allies – those are the racists and the real neo-Nazis of our era.

No need to rely on tenuous chains of guilt by association, or dubious interpretations of ambiguous symbols in photos on the Web, or even on mainstream media spin and taqiyya. If your stomach can handle it, just look at the words the perpetrators themselves use.

Using blood libel to incite real genocide

Let me remind Nodrog (a/k/a “the poster formerly known as Gordon,” often accused of being one of Charles Johnson’s sockpuppets/multiple personalities) and everyone else currently or formerly associated with Leftist Green Footballs, that false accusations of genocide have been used, and are still being used, to incite real genocide against those falsely accused – in this case, the Serbs. This, in itself, is a war crime – on your part – and it has not gone unnoticed.

Oh, I’m not done yet – I have many other points to make!

No, it is NOT too late to remove militant Islam from Kosovo!

Some commenters insist that the proposed turnover of Kosovo to the local al-Qaeda-affiliated jihadist/narcoterrorist gang is a fait accompli, simply because of demographics. I say that’s just plain wrong.

The Albanians who have infiltrated Kosovo over the past century do have a place to which they can, and must, return: Albania. The fact that their own relatives and countrymen have made Albania unfit to live in matters not. They must return there. To allow them to remain in Kosovo would be to reward a century of genocide against Serbs. That is intolerable.

What’s wrong with Serb nationalism? Nothing!

Milosevic was no Serb nationalist, but a hapless appeaser who was repeatedly hoodwinked by the US and NATO, and ultimately disposed of. See Emperor’s Clothes for background. That site has the whole history of MSM pro-jihadist taqiyya!

If you want to know what a Serb nationalist is all about, I am a Serb nationalist. I am not ashamed of being a Serb nationalist, nor should anyone ever be!

  1. I claim that the Serbian people has a right to exist.
  2. I claim that those of us who are of Serbian ancestry have the right to be known and identified as Serbs (or as Serbian-Americans, Serbian-Canadians, Serbian-Australians, as the case may be), without anyone else thinking that this gives them the right to attack us.
  3. I claim that Orthodox Christian Serbs have the right to continue practicing our religion, wherever in the world we may happen to be.
  4. I claim that we as Serbs have the same right to defend ourselves against attack that anyone else has – and that this includes the right to cooperate among ourselves for mutual protection.

Anybody out there who disagrees with me?

I’ve already thrown the glove down – if you pick it up, you’d better be loaded for bear. Be advised that I expect valid logic supported with provable factual information. I expect the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Anything else will be met with the most thorough takedown imaginable.

Some commenters have truly evil motives

There are some truly evil people in the world, and entirely too many of them are on the Internet. (Just for starters, see Fast-growing al Qaeda presence on the Web.) As one might expect, the blogosphere has become a primary target.

Conservatives have been too patient with liars and deceivers on the Web

The conservative blogosphere is being MUCH too patient with crypto-jihadist leftists such as Nodrog, who serve the cause of expansionist Islam by persistently uttering blood libels against Serbs, Jews, and European conservatives. In particular, I have seen no evidence that any of these LGF stooges are arguing in good faith. Any leftist who argues in good faith will soon find no alternative but to abandon leftism.

Leftist ideology is always and everywhere harmful and wrong, and is especially harmful to those it purports to help. The same is true, unfortunately, of Islam. Thus, leftists and jihadists are natural allies.

The only way leftists and jihadists can peddle their poison with any degree of success is by committing evil:

  • Lying
  • Cheating
  • Stealing
  • Libeling and slandering innocent people
  • Using violence whenever they don’t get their way.

The only difference between leftists like Charles Johnson and his minions, and ordinary jihadists, is that some of the leftists are so deluded by their own sense of self-importance that they actually believe their own taqiyya.

Many people have pointed out that these leftists keep repeating the same lies even after they are soundly refuted. They are deaf and blind to any evidence that contradicts the gutter racist propaganda that they spew forth. This is an object lesson in identifying those who are not presenting their arguments in good faith.

Charles Johnson and Little Green Footballs have never led the counter-jihad

I contend that Charles Johnson has never been a member of the counterjihad, much less a leader of it. He is a greedy blogger who uses terrorism stories to get page views, while at the same time serving the interests of the jihadists by exerting a chilling effect on all attempts to counteract jihadism. CJ and his followers must be, and are being, discredited with the utmost thoroughness and finality, so that none of them will ever again be able to do any further damage to the counterjihadist cause.

Hangman's noose

Aid and comfort to the enemy

The Bosnian Muslim mujahideen and the Kosovo Albanian Muslim KLA (under whatever false name they are calling themselves this week) are the local branches of al Qaeda in the Balkans.

By continuing to spread enemy propaganda on behalf of al Qaeda, under the guise of being counter-jihadist bloggers, Charles Johnson and his stooges from Leftist Green Footballs are HELPING THE ENEMY.

Last I checked, the US is at war with AQ. If nothing else, as long as OBL’s fatwa against the US remains in effect, AQ is at war with the US. That makes them enemies. That makes these “lizardoids” traitors.

You DO have to choose sides in these conflicts. There is no middle ground between good and evil, between truth and error, between supporting your country and supporting its enemies. Attempting to remain neutral means evading one’s duties.

Throughout history, giving aid and comfort to the enemy of one’s homeland has been a capital offense, not only in the US but just about everywhere else. This is because a traitor does far more damage than any legitimate enemy combatant. At least in the US, those laws have not been changed, and when things get bad enough – and they will – the US will begin enforcing those laws again.

Rope, tree, US Constitutional definition of treason, lizards…

Understanding the turncoat mindset at LGF

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1 Baron Bodissey December 7, 2007 at 10:18 am

Just to be completely accurate — an authentic hangman’s noose has 13 turns or loops around the vertical before the not is tightened. Look it up. 😉

2 1389 December 7, 2007 at 2:28 pm

Baron, you are correct. I will keep that in mind.

3 Foehammer December 7, 2007 at 4:01 pm

Give ’em Hell, 1389!

4 Goodbye Natalie December 7, 2007 at 7:37 pm

Ms. 1389,

I did not like the way many of LGF’s European contributors were marginalized on the LGF board the last two months. Some had contributed a great deal in the time I was there and deserved to be heard without punishment, threat or piling on.

And while I can’t disagree with your opinion about Charlie Johnson nor will I defend him because I think he is a pompous ass, this post paints a less than accurate picture of LGF when the board is considered in its entirety. After leaving almost 11,000 posts there over a three year period before being banned, I feel like I know many of the regular posters pretty well.

Don’t be fooled into believing that everyone that posts at LGF are Charles’ groupies – most aren’t. I know some personally that do not necessarily agree with all that is Charles and certainly don’t care for the sycophants that have too often come to dominate the LGF board. Over the last year, because of Charles’ foibles, thin skin and penchant for blocking anyone that questions his moral authority, understand there is some hesitation from some really fine people to criticize. Most at LGF enjoy sharing information with other members of the board pertaining to a variety of subjects and they have established close relationships over the years. Some have chosen to walk the line in order to remain there and maintain their membership; some not and have moved on to establish their own blogs. Many of the current LGF regulars do yeoman’s work in the good fight that goes unmentioned or unnoticed by Charles Johnson. There are several Vets, some who are active, and they have sacrificed much in protecting western culture.

I personally admit a great degree of ignorance when it comes to either the situation in Serbia or Vlaams Belang and have chosen to remain silent. America has enough troubles of its own to contend with and that is were I have chosen to carry my own fight without comment to that which you referenced above.

5 1389 December 7, 2007 at 8:48 pm

Point well taken about most of the members of LGF over the years not deserving any blame for what has happened.

Let me make it clear that, when I refer to CJ’s stooges, I mean those who are who are actively helping our jihadist enemies by posting false allegations, attacking and defaming good people in the counterjihadist community, and spewing racist blood-libel against the Serbian people.

That said, CJ has always run LGF in a manner that prevents it from being effective in the counterjihad. At best, it has squandered the precious time and energy of many capable activists, myself included.

6 thx1138 December 8, 2007 at 1:06 am

I haven’t ever really considered LGF a leader in the anti jihad movement nor wanting to be. Reader for 4 years. An important contributor in the blog world: yes. A blog that has grown large and no longer tolerates eccentric or embarassing dissension: yes. Banning Ed seemed to be a poor thing to do. A lack of depth of confidence in the blog. Ed seemed pretty well reasoned to me and I only saw a couple of his GCP posts but they seemed pretty benign and somewhat supportive of Charles.

I think you’ll eventually see TFK, Dead Sea Squirrel there also leave or be booted. But if you look at old LGF threads, you would notice there is a huge turnover in people. Only a very small percentage stay on. I think that is true of all blogs. Membership and viewership are very dynamic.

I do think a lot of the people that leave LGF are the ones that are moving to more hands on activity in anti-jihadism. LGF is just a large starting area that is easy for people to find and eventually they move on and into more intense anti-jihadism that LGF can’t politically support. So bannees should somewhat consider it a metamorphisis that they have moved on into other productive areas.

The LGF ribbon is like a good conduct medal. Good to have but it not a sharpshooter notation. Adv. Training is needed.

7 1389 December 8, 2007 at 10:38 am

It seems that this particular article has not escaped notice on LGF. As one might expect, the commenters on LGF lacked the reading comprehension to understand anything I was saying in this blog post, and they came up with some truly stupid accusations. My answer to those accusations is posted on GCP Forums.

In case anybody can’t figure it out:

1389 Blog is a team blog. There are several blog authors and admins, including both men and women.

1389 is the founder and primary admin. 1389 is a female.

Articles authored by someone other than 1389 will be identified as such. Look for a byline, a category tag identifying the author, or an external link to the source of the article.

8 1389 December 12, 2007 at 12:20 pm

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