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by Gramfan on November 28, 2007

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Aussie Election Post-Mortem

By Gramfan

I confess. I never voted for John Howard and his party until Paul Keating gave us “the recession we had to have”. After all, we were a working family, which is what Labor was supposed to be representative of.

Australian Prime Ministers? Skeletons in the closet

Times became tough paying 17% interest on a mortgage, and bringing up (raising) two young children. I had first hand experience of what the Labor party was capable of, and some details are in the link above. Most of the time they put Australia heavily in debt.

In my previous piece I predicted the Kevin Rudd would win. Secretly I hoped I was wrong as all the polls consistently predicted a Rudd landslide and they were correct.

Howard couldn’t put a foot right and Rudd couldn’t put one wrong.

Now all the commentators here and around the world are looking at the entrails. People in overseas countries are divided over why this happened as much as people here are.

I am going to make it easier for you and save you the trouble.

Of course, these are MY opinions and I am merely a citizen, not a political scientist.

John Howard spent almost twelve years as prime Minister. This is quite an achievement. (We do not have 2 fixed terms like in the USA. As long as people want you, you can stay in power).

Kevin Rudd was politically active both in his home state of Queensland as well as federally, but his political experience didn’t come close to Howard’s.

Australia was doing well, “why jump ship”? How did this happen?

Welcome to the newest version of “image politics” Downunder

Kevin Rudd and his party ran a slick and managed campaign and the Howard government never saw it coming. Rudd , his party and the unions had almost twelve years to get their act together and that is exactly what they did.

It became “new and fresh” versus “old and stale”.

Buzzwords like “education revolution”, “Kyoto”, “working families”, “WorkChoices” and more seemed to be subliminally planted in the minds of the electorate.

Most people didn’t fully comprehend what this really meant, and many still don’t.

WorkChoices was a very confusing issue with many people better off as a result of them, and some not.

What the work place laws achieved were very, very low unemployment. They were also designed to limit the power of the trade unions, who in fact, were down to 15% membership at the time of the election. I wonder why??

Climate Change, Global Warming and Kyoto were also not fully understood.

See A Cool Look at Global Warming. The Economics and politics of Climate Change and My Nobel Moment. I believe we should always follow the money trail. Mr Gore is indeed doing remarkably well!!

As for “working families”,yes it sounds good, but unless you are retired you are part of a working family, even if you are a multi-millionaire like Kevin Rudd’s wife, Therese Rein! Somehow this wasn’t noticed by many.

“Education Revolution” essentially meant faster broadband, and a laptop for every child in their last four years of high school. (Almost all children here have computer access both at home and at school. Broadband could be cheaper and a bit faster but that isn’t going to make a child smarter!)

The leaders or agencies behind the Rudd win packaged Labor into the perfect box, and by doing so made the Howard government look very bad.

This was a campaign of slogans and no substance.

Since many voters are lazy, and some want a change for change’s sake, it was too easy.

Add to that the fact that in the past eleven years there was a new generation of younger voters who had no idea what not being able to get a job was like, no idea of high interest rates, and no idea that a government could ruin a country financially, as EX-PM Whitlam had done.

Then there was the media.

Every television station was behind Rudd. Almost every journalist was behind him also. He was given such an easy ride that many Liberal supporters emailed their concerns to all the above. The bias of the media was palpable and frustrating.

Hardly anyone queried a thing he said, yet Liberals were grilled by the media as if they were on trial. They were treated as “almost criminals” by some slick celebrity lawyer. It was rather appalling. I felt the media were out to prove just how powerful they really were, and that is exactly what they did. The price was of no concern: the future of the country really didn’t matter. They wanted Rudd to win at any cost.

I hold many of them responsible and just hope they will grill Rudd should he start to put a foot wrong, and I believe he already has. We shall see…..

I also want to mention the fact that we now have Labor in power in every state, and federally also. This is a first. This cannot be good for democracy. The normal checks and balances have been eroded significantly.

Former journalist Maxine McKew claims Bennelong

It now appears that John Howard will lose his seat of Bennelong in NSW to Maxine McKew – a former ABC TV anchorwoman whose husband is a powerbroker in the Labor party. . She used to be a typist for the BBC and I know that readers of this ‘blog will immediately know the implications of this. The ABC has never been kind to the Liberal party either. They are unashamedly left-wing.

MPs set for massive superannuation payouts, free travel

Many parliamentarians will be out of a job but most will be just fine. Australia is very generous to its politicians.

Although Labor has a large number of seats in parliament, and as I write some are still in doubt, it is sobering to look at the actual number of who voted and how. The Australian Electoral Commission’s Virtual Tally Room, reveals the following:

4,710,134 – Liberal/National Coalition (Howard)
5,373,089 – Australian Labor Party (Rudd)

These figures clearly show that a great many Australians have not turned their backs on Howard or the Coalition. This equates to approximately 47% of the voting population supporting the Coalition.

(I won’t bother with minor parties such as the Greens, although they did help Labor because of our Preferential Voting System.)

Doesn’t seem to make sense, does it? Yet Rudd believes he has a huge mandate. He claims he will govern for all. I can’t see how. He has to repay the unions for their support and $30million contribution to his election. They will want their pound of flesh. He also owes the Greens.

Love him or hate him, Howard’s legacy to Australia is enormous.

The most remarkable politician of our lifetime

He has left the country in good shape and the envy of many others (most recent figures below):
Unemployment rate: 4.3 per cent
Interest rate: 6.75 per cent
Economic growth: 4.3 per cent
Stock market: 6390 points
Australian dollar: US87.5 cents
Surplus 2007 Budget: $10.6 billion
Growth in real net national disposable income per head over the past five years: 16 per cent
Days lost in industrial strikes/action: Lowest since 1913
National greenhouse gas emissions: 559 million tonnes (2005)

Will Rudd be able to better that? Not in the opinion of this citizen.

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1 Elric66 November 28, 2007 at 9:51 am

Socialism is almost as bad as Islam in how it infects whatever it touches. Hopefully the Aussies will wake up. But then, hopefully the American people will wake up too.

2 sheik yer'mami November 28, 2007 at 12:58 pm

Yes indeed, Howard was a good administrator. Were it not for his lack of vision he might go down in history as Australia’s best PM.

The gun-buy back program showed him as the reactionary he really was: kneejerk reactions to one horrific incident never justify the total disarmament of the population. A disarmed population is a neutered
population. As one who believes in the 2nd amendment as much as in the 1-st and in the pursuit of happiness I find that particular action of the Howard government absolutely revolting, though he might have had good intentions. There’s more to be said, but now we have KRudd, a fraud in an empty suit who got into the highest office on hot air, which is very disturbing.

We need a government that is willing to tackle infiltration and subversion. We need leadership that is willing to attack the Muhammedan scourge, and the Howard government is to blame for never even making an attempt to take action about that.

We all know what the socialist vote-whores will do, and that makes the future so bright that I’m going out to buy me some shades….

3 Kevin November 29, 2007 at 7:22 pm

“Growth in real net national disposable income per head over the past five years: 16 per cent”

What is it over his 11-12 year reign? I assumed it was great, but since you didn’t print it, I’m worried.

4 Kevin November 29, 2007 at 7:24 pm

Ack, why are comments moderated?

5 1389 November 30, 2007 at 7:55 am


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6 1389 November 30, 2007 at 5:52 pm

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