Giving Thanks to our Military Men and Women

by 1389 on November 18, 2007

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From the America Supports You Website
(US Department of Defense):


This holiday season, America Supports You is giving you a new way to send your thanks to the troops – by text message! When you send your message of thanks to 89279 (TXASY) between November 17th and 22nd, you’ll receive a special thanks in return. Also, we’ll be displaying those messages on our ASY Thanks widget far and wide across the internet. Just another way that you can support our brave military men and women around the world…

You can also send an email!

Do you have a blog, MySpace page, or other website?

Visit the ASY site and get the code to install the widget on your site. The widget comes from an official US military site, free from malware. And it’s easy to do!

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1 Dayngr November 18, 2007 at 11:14 am

Great thought from America Supports You, however all the messages are posted on the website – not delivered to the troops via email or text or even printed and mailed. In fact, their website actually states the following: It is not designed to be a letter writing service, instant-messaging service, e-mail service, bulletin board or general chat service. These messages are viewed individually and edited or deleted based on content.

The thought behind it is great and it is wonderful that people are getting involved but the only service members that will see the messages are the ones who happen to surf over to the site.

If folks want to send messages to the troops directly, they can do so via eMail Our Military (eMOM). eMail Our Military has an email address where the public can send personal email messages. Those messages and forwarded directly to the troops by email and in care packages shipped by eMail Our Military.

We certainly appreciate all efforts to support our troops but we really love it when the troops can get that support instantly and immediately.

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