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by 1389 on November 18, 2007

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Clowning in a rap video with a jihadist!

Gates of Vienna: Rappin’ With the Jihad

Saturday, November 17, 2007
by Baron Bodissey

A scandal is brewing in Germany, although there’s not much about it to be found in the English-language media. News stories concerning the incident have appeared – for example, this one in The Daily Telegraph – but they only give a bare-bones description of the event. It’s an official press-release version, describing a feel-good Multicultural occasion when the German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Bernard Kouchner, his French counterpart, did a little off-key musical number in a recording studio with a Turkish-German pop singer.

Nice moment. “We are the World”. Music will bring us together. Etc., etc.

What these MSM stories won’t tell you is the background of the pop singer these two political bozos joined up with for their Terpsichorean moment. Muhabbet – he seems to have only a single name, like Cher, Sting, or Madonna – is not your average Turkish-German rap singer: he has this nasty little habit of promoting violent jihad in his songs.

I first became aware of this story a few days ago through the German blog Politically Incorrect

Muhabbet apparently is touted as some sort of integration wunderkind: He’s a UNICEF-representative for education, and a frontman for the anti-violence campaigns of the ministry for family and education. He flies on the minister’s plane and was dined by the chancellor, Angela Merkel

A vitriolic jihadist who works for UNICEF? So much for the UN!

But we remember Bernard Kouchner from Kosovo!

Kouchner accepted the position of UN administrator in Kosovo in the aftermath of the Kosovo War. But as these articles reveal, Kouchner stood by and did nothing as the KLA, Albanian narcoterrorist/jihadists affiliated with al-Qaeda, fought among themselves, endangered UN personnel, and slaughtered or expelled most of the remaining Serbian population of Kosovo.

France Profonde – Tim King on French politics: Kouchner at the New Republic

In the major Swedish daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter we have recently been reading investigative reports by Maciej Zaremba (probably Sweden’s most well known and respected investigative journalist) on how the UN has acted in Kosovo. Since Mr. Kouchner for a while was the UN’s High Representative in Kosovo he is to a large extent responsible for the development there. And the UN has failed miserably according to the articles in Dagens Nyheter. Corruption has been widespread, especially so among some companies from presumably less corrupt countries, as the UK and Iceland. After countless billions of EUROS there is almost nothing to show for it in Kosovo, except for fancy cars driven by foreigners and brothels visited by the same foreigners.

Mr. Zaremba shows how the French government saw Kosovo as a chance for French companies to make money. Below follows my quick and imperfect translation of a part of Mr. Zaremba’s text; the quotes within the text are from Mr. Zaremba

Bernard Kouchner a crime boss in Kosovo

When Bernard Kouchner lands in Kosovo in the summer of 1999 there is no mobile telecommunication. German Siemens and French Alcatel submit one offer each. A panel of local experts select Siemens. The offer is the cheapest and it is not colonial. At a fixed lump sum the Germans promise to build a network for Kosovo. The French offer says the network would remain French property and the country code of Monaco would be utilized.

What happens? Bernard Kouchner, Kosovos legislator, head of government and head of justice, all in one person, replaces the UNMIK director of post and telecommunications, an Albanian, with a certain Pascal Copin, who in turn awards the contract to Alcatel. It is the only feasible solution, claims Copin, because only Alcatel (in a collaboration with Monaco Telecom) can provide Kosovo, not a formal state, with a country code.

Result: Seven years later Kosovo boasts the worst and most expensive telephone system in the region, concludes the European Council. Yet every time a Kosovan lifts the receiver, money rattles into French and Monegasque bank accounts, and we are not talking about small money. Close to a hundred million euros over the years, more than Swedens annual aid to Kosovo

Bernard Kouchner’s Legacy of Failure (11/7/2000)

We have long complained about the U.S. news media and its failure to inform the public about the Clinton Administration’s legacy of anarchy and mayhem in Kosovo. The news media in the U.S. has been virtually silent about the ongoing genocide against Serbs and other minorities who continue to be victimized by terrorists associated with the “disbanded” KLA and its sympathizers in the U.N./KFOR occupation.

Over the past few months, though, the level of bloodshed has increased enough that news of it begins to trickle through the blockade in the mainstream U.S. news media.
In a ‘Newsweek’ interview May 15, Bernard Kouchner, the U.N. official in charge of the occupation of Kosovo, even admitted, “Apparently a Serb has a 20 times greater chance of being a victim of a crime than an Albanian does.” But the tone of the Newsweek interview made it clear that neither Kouchner nor the magazine’s interviewer were unduly concerned about this fact

Clearly, Kouchner has sided with the Islamists all along!

So why did Nicholas Sarkozy appoint Kouchner as foreign minister?

Was it cluelessness?

Or was it appeasement?

Or, perhaps, was it because Kouchner knows where the bodies are buried?

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