“Thompson” Concert: Neo-Nazi creepazoids push back

by 1389 on November 17, 2007

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“Marija” speaks up for the fascists

Some Truly Bizarre Antisemitism from the Clerical-Fascist Lobby

We at Emperor’s Clothes have been doing our best on the Internet to expose the fascism of Croatian rock star Marko Perkovic Thompson’s North American concert tour, with some effect.

[If you don’t know about the tour, you might want to first read “Oppose Fascist Rock Star’s US Tour with the Truth,” at http://emperors-clothes.com/croatia/tour.htm. Also, please see Neo-Nazi Concerts Continue Down Under, Despite Complaints and Nazi Rock Band Thompson Touring Melbourne, Sidney, Adelaide, and Perth.]

One of our Internet battles has been on the news/discussion website clevelandleader.com, which seems to have a lot of readers in the Cleveland area. (Thompson sang in Cleveland Nov. 9 despite the fact that his original concert location canceled the date after Ohio Sen. Voinovich condemned Thompson.)

Below is an attack on me, posted on clevelandleader.com, written by one ‘Marija,’ who is perhaps Marija Blazanin, Thompson’s tour organizer…

1389 Blog also received a comment from “Marija”

(Click the link to view it.)

Ham-handed attempts at censorship by intimidiation

Julia Gorin has been getting hate mail and threats from a certain “Baba Manda.” But if you threaten a comedienne, be prepared for some ridicule!

The FBI is on to Me!

Apparently, Julia Gorin – and not the Nazi rock concerts – is responsible for Croatian fascism finally getting onto the world’s radar…

Balkan Beast Update

Now this Baba Manda is threatening to sue me…for publicizing concert dates…

More deranged anti-Semitism from Balkans jihadists

“Thompson” is not the first Balkans Nazi to be permitted to tour the US

More Bosnian Jihadists Tour North America

OK, so we have a Croatian Nazi rocker Thompson coming to North America, and sadly, as Byzantine Sacred Art Blog and Julia Gorin point, allowing Balkan’s Nazis and Jihadists looks like, at least from the perspective of immigration authorities, a good thing for America.

This summer, however, another Jihadist took a tour of the American land of the “infidel” and preached Islam to his loving Bosnian Muslim flock… and much of his tour went under the radar…

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1 Darko Zoric December 28, 2007 at 12:57 am

I’m not defending ‘Thompson’s actions, however, in stating that the late President Dr. Franjo Tudjman is a clerical Fascist could not be further from the truth. It is fact that once upon a time Tudjman was a communist in the Yugoslav party, and in becoming leader of HDZ (Croatian Democratic Party), their ideology was totally anti fascism and distanced themselves from the ‘Ustashe’. It is fact that certain Croatian clubs around the world were criticized and blacklisted by the Tudjman lead government for displaying Ustashe photos and memorabilia. These actions alone suggest that Tudjman and the HDZ government do not idealize Fascism, or are fascists themselves. I’d suggest you get your facts right, because such claims sound ridiculous to those who know politics or history.

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