The Google Phone: What’s it all about?

by 1389 on November 13, 2007

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(Updated 11/17/07)

What the Google Phone is, and what it is not

  • No, you can’t go to the Google menu and order a fancy new phone! Google is not providing cellular phone service at this time, nor is Google manufacturing or selling phone handsets.
  • The Google Phone is a project under development. No new products or services are ready to be offered to consumers.
  • The Google Phone project, code-named Android, is to create a new cellular phone software platform. This will consist of a cell phone operating system, together with mobile applications, that will run on many different cell phone handsets offered by various major service providers.
  • Unlike proprietary products such as the Apple iPhone, Microsoft Windows Mobile, Nokia/Symbian, and RIM’s Blackberry, Android will be based on Linux and other open-source software.
  • At this time, 34 vendors are involved in the Android consortium.

What will Google’s Android project mean to you?

The Android project will introduce more competition into the cellular phone marketplace. To keep their market share, other smartphone vendors that are not part of the Android consortium will have to lower their prices, open up their proprietary software to outside developers, or both.

This project will undoubtedly encourage more experimentation and innovation in terms of what can be done with cellular phone devices.

Google to bid on wireless spectrum – What does Google plan to do with it?

CNET News: Don’t expect Google to take on AT&T

Google is lining up financing to bid on wireless spectrum in the Federal Communication Commission’s upcoming 700MHz auction, and it’s already built a small high-speed wireless network at its headquarters in Mountain View, Calif., to test out what it could do with the spectrum, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

The Journal cited sources saying the company is planning on bidding in the auction, set to take place early next year. Google has obtained a test license from the FCC that it’s using to test technology on a small wireless network on its campus, the article said. And it’s supposedly using prototypes of handsets that use the company’s newly announced Android software

After all the fuss and hoopla surrounding Google and the auction, it would seem ridiculous if the company didn’t bid. Google lobbied the FCC hard for rules to be passed as part of the auction that would require license winners to allow open devices on that part of their network.

CNET News suggests that Google will probably lease this spectrum to other wireless providers to use with the Android project, rather than attempting to build its own wireless network from scratch.

Android Robot

Google’s Android Project – Media Coverage

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