Political Scene in Australia: 11/1/2007

by Gramfan on November 2, 2007

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Kevin Rudd Passes a Nail Shop

Kevin Rudd, the Me-Too Candidate

By Gramfan

This week has been an interesting week in politics here, and, true to form, a week is a long time in politics.

Who is Kevin Rudd, anyway?

Although the incumbent Liberal Party has come up with lots of promises, as all politicians do, almost every time Mr Rudd has responded by saying, “Me too!!” I’ll do that also, I’ll match it!”

One has to wonder if the man has any policies of his own, and how on earth would he cope if PM John Howard isn’t there to supply him with a policy to copy?

Mr Rudd says the Liberals are out of touch and stale, yet he borrows a great deal from them.

Am I missing something? Does this make sense, let alone inspire confidence?

Someone counted 22 “me too’s”

Rudd plays follow-the-leader with grey vote policy

KEVIN Rudd has pulled off his 22nd major “me too” policy jump by matching the Howard Government’s $4 billion handout for pensioners.

Strangely enough, the polls still indicate a landslide for Labor. Hard to say for sure. No commentator will risk sticking his neck out, and who really knows if they are polling the “silent majority”?

Jay Leno, YouTube, and earwax

The weirdest thing was when Jay Leno showed a YouTube clip of Rudd. That in itself wasn’t weird, of course. What was weird was the fact that one can clearly see a youthful Mr Rudd chomping on his own ear-wax – what can I say?? Eeeewwwhhh!

And he wants to prance on the world stage? Will anyone take him seriously? Watch it yourself and see.

In spite of all this…

Nothing so far has improved the position of the Liberal Party in the polls.

Rudd has not only copied policies, but back-flipped on the Kyoto Protocol which severely embarassed his would-be environmental minister, Peter Garrett, the former lead singer with the Aussie rock band “Midnight Oil”.

Mainstream media are behind Rudd – whoever he is

Worse still is that all the print and television media are firmly behind Rudd – no matter what he says and does.

This is the man who was asked, “Mr Rudd, do you believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God?

He replied, “Well, I’m a-I’m a, a person who attends church regularly.”.

What else can be said? I don’t believe a truly committed Christian would answer this way.

He would probably have to commit murder for the press to go hard on him.


For more on the Aussie political scene, see:

The Me-Too Party (Update 11/3/07):

Adelaide Now: Garrett says Labor will ‘change it all’ once in power

TROUBLED Labor star Peter Garrett has admitted he was dumb to have told Steve Price the opposition would change its policies once it won power.

Mr Price, a right-wing Sydney shock jock, yesterday told listeners he had a discussion in an airport lounge with Mr Garrett in which the former rock star said Labor’s “me-too” policies which mirror the government’s would disappear once Labor won power at the November 24 election.

Today Mr Garrett reiterated his excuse, saying the conversation was “jocular” but admitted he had been dumb to have the conversation in the first place.

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1 Kerry Lanaux November 2, 2007 at 5:48 pm

With an answer like that Mr. Rudd I do believe you shall attend services in hell for eternity. He who denies me before men him will I ALSO DENY BEFORE MY FATHER WHICH IS IN HEAVEN, BUT HE WHO CONFESSES ME BEFORE MEN HIM WILL I ALSO CONFESS BEFORE MY FATHER WHICH IS IN HEAVEN. I DO BELIEVE THAT COUNTS AS A DENIAL.

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