Is Digg spamming your inbox with Shouts that you cannot retrieve?

by 1389 on October 31, 2007

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Has this been happening to you?

Blog admin 1389 has been getting lots of Shout notices from Digg lately…

Digg has sent you a shout - screen shot

What happens every time 1389 clicks on the link in the email?

Page not found - screen shot

Click the link and try it yourself!


This can happen to anyone whose user ID was banned from Digg.

User ID 1389 was banned from Digg a long time ago…

The reason why 1389 was banned is not especially relevant here, but if you’re curious…read 1389’s comments accompanying this article: Has Digg really unbanned those banned sites? In retrospect, we also found some evidence that an unscrupulous cyberstalker/troll may have been involved in getting 1389 banned, along with some other Digg users. Suffice it to say that 1389 considers it no dishonor to be banned from Digg.

Incidentally, there has been no action to ban this blog (thus far)!

Note that, even though Digg user ID 1389 was banned, neither 1389 Blog – Antijihadist Tech, nor the blog’s domain or IP address, has been banned from Digg (yet). Articles from 1389 Blog can still be submitted to, and found on, Digg. Whether the stories have any chance to to reach the front page is another matter entirely.

What actually happens when a Digg user ID is banned?

In a nutshell, the user’s profile is blocked from access, but not deleted. Other users can no longer view the blocked user’s profile page. The banned user cannot log on to submit stories, make comments, or update the profile to change the email address or anything else. On the other hand, all existing stories and comments submitted by the blocked user remain available, unless the story or comment was specifically deleted by a Digg administrator. If another Digg user had befriended this user before he or she was blocked, the blocked Digg user will continue to appear in the other user’s list of friends, like this:

Blocked Digg user 1389, appearing in someone else's profile

So here’s why 1389 keeps getting useless messages:

  • Digg requires a valid email address from all new users, so, when signing up, 1389 provided an active email address that was, and still is, being used for correspondence.
  • 1389 was very active on Digg for a time, submitted many stories, entered comments, got several stories to the front page, and was befriended by a considerable number of Digg users. Thus, 1389’s avatar still appears in many places – on each story that 1389 submitted or commented on, and on the profile pages of each user who befriended 1389 during that time.
  • Digg made extensive changes at the beginning of October, 2007 to add new features, including the ability to send “Shouts” to other Digg users.
  • Even though 1389’s account has been blocked, other users can still send a “Shout” to 1389. For instance, whenever a Digg user sends a group “Shout” to all of his or her friends, and 1389 happens to be on that user’s list of friends, a message will be generated for 1389 along with all of the others.
  • Whenever anyone does this – and it happens every day – 1389’s email inbox receives another message containing a link to retrieve the “Shout” contents from Digg.
  • Unfortunately, the shout retrieval link is associated with 1389’s blocked profile, so it will not work! What’s more, 1389 cannot even update the blocked profile to shut off this useless email! Tiny smiley tearing hair out

More about Digg:

resist1.PNG Posted to 1389 Blog – Antijihadist Tech and Fort Hard Knox.

Updated 12/25/2007

Brent Csutoras: Diggers Not Shouting So Loud?

Digg has finally taken action to curtail the “shout spam” that was being spewed indiscriminately via Digg’s “Shout All” feature. Digg now limits the number of “Shout” messages to twenty at a time; more than that, and the user is told to slow down. This gives senders an incentive to pay attention to whom they are sending their messages, so as not to waste their “Shouts” on inactive Digg users.

Brent Csutoras: To Shout or Not To Shout: The Digg Dilemma

How the Shout feature can backfire – and how to use it properly.

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1 Norski October 30, 2007 at 4:47 pm

If Digg also banns “I am a terrorist because …” sites, there could be a reasonable, although irritating, policy at work.

If not, this is Grade-A #1 censorship. My opinion.

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