SonicWALL finally unblocks Jihad Watch!

This calls for a PARTY!

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JihadWatch Unblocked

Other bloggers who have been wrongfully blocked by SonicWALL or other censorware providers should read this article carefully. Also, please read the comments that follow. If necessary, do as Robert Spencer did and consult an attorney!

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Blogger WiredPig faces a takedown request Pig smiley

Musings of Wired Pig 2.1: Takedown Request (Updated)

WiredPig is a retired sheriff who is a prominent Twitter user and a web design/mobile computing expert. He recently got a takedown request that he believes may be bogus. He’s currently trying to determine the legitimacy of the request.

If you get a takedown request on your blog, please make an effort to verify that the request is legitimate and is not coming from a prankster!

Lawsuit Jihad flame smiley

This could happen to any of us.
That said, the consequences of failing to confront jihadism would be even worse!
For what you can do to help, see:
Litigation Jihad Update 10/31/07 – Let’s DO something about it NOW!

Smiley with sign: This Means War

Attempted Murder: The Ultimate Censorship

We have to keep going nonetheless. After all, they can’t kill us all!

Italian Government Caves Koran being flushed down toilet (small, not an actual "smiley")

Writing smiley

Wiki page for reformist Irshad Manji vandalized, then reverted

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1 Wired Pig October 29, 2007 at 3:27 pm

I just fired off an email to the IT Directorate at the Rock Island Arsenal. I’ll keep you posted on the results.

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