It’s No Accident

Scenes from the wildfires: The fire's other victims: Bobcat

Thumbnail satellite view of California wildfires 10/24/07

A significant number of these fires appear to have been deliberately set.

Obviously, in drought conditions, where plenty of dry fuel abounds, anybody who thoughtlessly discards a cigarette butt can start a wildfire. Lightning, or spontaneous combustion from rotting debris, can do the same.

But these fires show a suspicious pattern.

Despite the fact that there has long been evidence of al Qaeda’s plans to cause such fires, public figures are unwilling to go on record to warn about jihadist involvement in pyroterrorism!

For more about this, see Is there a terrorist connection with the California wildfires?

Nobody on the 1389 Blog team cares about being politically correct. We bring you all of the news that we can find, and we are not afraid to point out the obvious conclusions about what it means!

If you doubt that pyroterrorism is real:

Pelosi, Boxer, and the global warming contingent exploit fires for political advantage:

Twitter: A Great Disaster Preparedness Tool

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California Fire News and Information:

Anyone with information about the cause of the Santiago fire (Orange Co) is asked to call a tip line at (800) 540-8282. If you see something, say something!

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US Fire News and Information

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