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by Gramfan on October 24, 2007

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By Gramfan

Australian Elections:

The Most Important Issue Never Discussed

(Disclaimer: there are Muslims to whom this does not apply. They are known as “moderate Muslims”. Many are working hard to reform Islam at great personal risk. Many need security and body guards).

On November 24th, Australians will be going to the polls, and next year the USA will be doing the same. This, to me, seems to be a most important poll. It seems perhaps even more important than appears on the surface.

The issues being raised, especially in Australia, cover enormously important areas. We are told they are the economy, workplace relations, education, health care, and, of course, global warming and climate change.

There should be another very important issue that few politicians are willing to discuss honestly and fearlessly.

I see that issue as being immigration. This is a broad umbrella topic that has subsets of Islam and terrorism.

Ever since the terrorism that occurred on 9/11, I have endeavoured to educate myself regarding Islam. I had a little knowledge of it since I was at university, teacher’s college and a novice teacher during the Six Day War and the Yom Kippur War. All us left-wing students were rooting for the Israelis – how times have changed! (Reference: Honest Reporting)

Since then we have had countless incidents of terrorism all over the globe which have affected many people not only in western countries but also in the orient – places like India and Thailand, for example. (Reference: The Religion of Peace)

I think the incident that actually disturbed me most intensely was the Mohammed cartoon fiasco. This sounds very strange, I know, but it hit me then that not only were we all subject to possible terrorist attacks, but that our freedom of speech was really under threat in such a way as I had never seen in my lifetime.

What’s At Stake?

In the years since 9/11 and up till now it has become clear to me that western liberal democracy is on a precipice. And it MUST be saved.

This is a system of civilization that has allowed the unimaginable progress that has occurred in the past two to four thousand years; perhaps even further back. Our civilization, while it varies in Australia, the USA, the UK and Europe, owes its greatness to Greek and Roman civilizations and of course the Judeo-Christian heritage these countries share.

It is not the purpose of this piece of prose to focus on the negatives these civilizations are responsible for. I am talking in a very general sense. However I cannot see how one can avoid recognising this background that has made us what we are today. We have evolved, progressed, refined and developed a tremendous foundation for excellence. We would not be where we are now without it.

Now we find that we are being confronted by a belief system that cannot lay claim to any of the above points. We are also being told by the left-wing elements in our society that all the west has achieved is highly flawed and invalid, and that our institutions and our various religions have a lot to answer for.

Maybe they do. But while we still have them we can improve upon them and their achievements. When we no longer have them, we can only go backwards, self-destruct or be destroyed by external forces.

These “external forces”, are, in my opinion, Islamists and left-wingers, who seem to have brought us to this untenable situation.

Worth Reading Regularly:

We can see this now from reading various websites like those I mentioned above and many, many more; e.g.,

…just for starters.

I mention these sites as there are opinions from both sides of Islam, from all religions and from all parts of the globe.

How This Has Affected Australia

Whilst Australia has thankfully not had an attack on its soil, we were victims of two attacks in Bali, we have our own “John Walker Lindh”: David Hicks – darling of the left-wing papers, we have had the almost-humour of the “Cat-Meat Mufti”, the despicable Muslim gang rapes, the Cronulla riots, several arrests for suspected terrorism planning, and more recently, the case of Dr Mohammed Haneef (a cousin of the Glasgow bombers, now found to be innocent) to name but a few incidents that have brought Islam and some of its followers into our consciousness.

What Can We Do About It?

The most important thing is educating people.

  1. The most important thing we must tell them is that, although Islam is rooted in the Abrahamic faiths, it really has very little in common with the other two.
  2. We should also educate people that the primary goal of Islam is world domination and the establishment of a global caliphate. This means western countries are all targets.
  3. We should also maintain freedom of speech so we can get the truth out there without fear, no matter what our religion or lack thereof. (Reference: Apostates of Islam) We know now that some countries like the UK are curtailing this freedom.
  4. We must be vigilant and objectively check the MSM daily.
  5. We are fortunate to have a powerful tool at our disposal. The personal computer is a great weapon for us and unfortunately also for those who seek to destroy us. We must use this weapon whenever we see an opportunity to write letters to politicians, clergy, and any other influential leaders.
  6. Many newspapers now have daily ‘blogs that are easily accessed and the issue of Islam is a frequent discussion point “Downunder”. Those of us who are concerned have identified the main journalists who see this threat:

    These three journalists run readily accessible ‘blogs.

Even some leftists are beginning to wake up:

Just last week a writer of usual left bias, Sally Neighbour, wrote an article suggesting it is not the media that makes Muslims look bad, but rather Muslims themselves.

Today another left-wing paper published an article that really surprised me: James Button wrote: * Liberals getting left out of the debate on Islam *”liberals” as in left-wing – not to be confused with the Liberal Party.

Maybe things are changing? We must live in hope.

But back to where I started: the forthcoming election.

The Australian Liberal Party, a conservative party, has run this country well for eleven years. Sure they have done some things I didn’t agree with, and yes, they made some mistakes, but I feel they have an idea of what is going on.

Peter Costello, the Federal Treasurer and next in line for the Liberal Party Leadership, is the only western leader to my knowledge who had the intestinal fortitude to say:

…Well the point I would make is this, Australians are free to express themselves about political views, let’s make that clear. But there are some things Australia stands for, has always stood for, always will stand for which will never change. We will never be an Islamic State. We will never observe Sharia Law. We have a Constitution. The Constitution means that Australia has a civil state that the laws are made by elected representatives. We will always be a democracy and to people who say, well we have come to this country and we would like to turn it into something that it isn’t, I say, you must understand, that will never occur. There are certain core Constitutional things that Australia stands for, always will and expects all of its citizens to accept. And that is a civil government with parliamentary democracy, with democratic law making, with equality between men and women and if you’re someone that doesn’t like those principles then Australia may not be the best place for you.

This is the party that I fear will lose the election; not because they have done a bad job, but because they have been in power a long time, because the youth of this country have no idea how good they have it right now, and more importantly, the left-wing party and their sycophantic press want it. And I also wonder: what other power is “pulling the strings”?

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