Digg’s Changes Are A Bust

by 1389 on October 7, 2007

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Digg.com’s recent changes to their website have not earned the numbers they had hoped.

In fact, according to Alexis.com Digg is down since introducing the changes and, overall, has dropped considerably since it’s high point one year ago. The graphs below show both the 1 month and 3 year charts for Digg.com

Digg trend 1 month

Digg trend 3 yrs

What’s wrong with Digg?

Digg is moving the decks around on the Titanic at this point. They should be commended for introducing new ideas but they have a large fundamental flaw in their system that is sending them into an iceberg of certain death — the bury button.

The bury button is the nuclear bomb on Digg that enables a small group of people to control content and censor those they deem unacceptable. Digg refuses to face this fact. Yet, users of their web site know this is inherently true. Until they get rid of the unfairness in their system, they will eventually end up in the trash heap of come and gone internet sites.

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More about the censorship problem on Digg:

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1 Andrew Badera October 8, 2007 at 9:34 am

Sweet, sweet truthiness.

I’ve been on digg far less than I was for the first year or so after I registered.

Change is slow to come, and often poorly implemented, while ignoring, as you’ve noted, obvious or underlying flaws.

The recent changes — especially shouts — are pretty annoying. And the external profile linking, to me, seems a last gasp effort at becoming a true social media hub — which digg could have, and SHOULD have, become a year+ ago. Now they’re playing catchup, and I, for one, am not feeling it.

digg? dugg!

2 Foehammer October 8, 2007 at 12:17 pm

I do not miss Digg at all. Why would anyone support thought-policing organizations like Digg? They willfully give into the hordes of mediocre and fascist thinkers that strive to put down individual ideas. Great ideas often come from individualism and not the group dynamic and that is why Digg allowing the Bury system is an absolute joke that is now coming to bite them in the ass.

Good riddance to Digg, I say.

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