Want to apprehend the producers of al Qaeda’s videos?

by 1389 on October 6, 2007

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Hot Air tells it like it is!

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Here’s what our military and intelligence agencies – and you – should be on the lookout for:

Hot Air: UPI “experts” analyze al Qaeda’s media arm

UPI gets it all wrong about the number of people and the amount of equipment that would actually be needed to produce the videos coming out of al Qaeda’s as-Sahab Institute, as the terror network’s media arm calls itself. Obviously, they are thinking in terms of the resources that UPI would have used to make such videos!

The truth? You’d be surprised how little money and how few staff it actually takes.

An Internet video expert at Hot Air explains what it actually takes to make these “viral” Internet videos. He describes the type of al Qaeda operation that our military and intelligence agencies – and anyone else in a position to notice something suspicious – should be looking for.

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