Take Home Lessons from the Male’ Explosion

by 1389 on October 3, 2007

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Shocked smiley on a cell phone

Maldives Explosion Triggered by Cell Phone Card

Minivan News has been covering the Male’ Explosions, the arrests, and the aftermath. The important thing to remember, of course, is that Islam is not to blame (?!)

This is yet another way to do evil. It wouldn’t surprise me if there are terrorist training videos on YouTube or sold on DVD to show how to do this. Next time, they’ll use a stolen card so that it will not be traced back to the perpetrator, but to the rightful owner of the phone. Make sure it doesn’t happen to you!

Take-Home Lessons for Everyone:

  1. If your phone is lost or stolen, report it immediately.
  2. Send unwanted or obsolete cell phones to a recycling facility that will wipe out all of the information in the phone pertaining to you, and either resell or destroy the phone.
  3. Be on the lookout for suspicious videos. See the 1389 Blog Reference Material Page for where to report them.

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