When Not to Blog: When to let others have a turn

by 1389 on October 1, 2007

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One more reason why a team blog is a good idea

If you have noticed that 1389 has not written any significant blog posts for quite a long while, it’s because I’ve been quite ill with bronchitis. And when I’m too sick to work a full schedule, I’m certainly in no condition to do justice to a blog article! All I can do is gulp water and antibiotics, cough, blow my nose, and try to stay on top of the deadlines for my other tasks. I’ve neglected everybody on Twitter, I haven’t read most of my feeds… I still haven’t been well enough to write any of the full-blown articles I’ve been planning on.

Fortunately, JennSierra has filled in admirably last week, so I could take a much-needed break.

I recently saw a little checklist, entitled When Not to Blog, which is actually quite funny. It makes some good points about being in the proper mental state. After all, if the pen is mightier than the sword, it behooves one to exercise a degree of prudence and caution.

It isn’t always easy to take a break. Dedicated bloggers often fear that their readership will dwindle if they take too long to get that next blog post out, or if they don’t work hard enough to promote their latest articles via email, social news sites, blog networking, word of mouth, and so forth.

Sometimes you can’t avoid doing some blogging while sick or while tired, but there comes a point of diminishing returns, and then a point where it becomes counterproductive. If you manage to get anything posted at all, it’s apt to be riddled with typos, layout errors, and dead links. Worse, you could end up trashing your own database and leaving yourself or your team a mess to clean up. So if you see you aren’t making progress, leave the blog alone, get some rest, and see the doctor if you need to!

More goodies on our Blog Censorship resource page

In view of the recent cutoff of web and cellphone communications out of Myanmar (see Think it Couldn’t Happen Here?), more people have been looking for information about censorware and other forms of Internet censorship, and how to get around them. Today, I finally managed to address that issue to some extent on our Blog Censorship resource page. Using proxy servers and the like to get around official censorship, especially in a dictatorship during time of war or revolution, is a very risky business, and I do not want to mislead anybody into being careless. If any of you have additions or corrections, please post a comment or click here to contact us via email.

Heard Foehammer’s podcasts yet?

1930s Foehammer poster of people listening to a radio

I did manage to listen to some of the podcasts at Foehammer’s Anvil, and I highly recommend them. So if you’re looking for something worthwhile and informative, click here to see the entire list of podcasts. After you begin listening to one podcast, you’ll also see a widget in the sidebar that you can use to select what you want to hear next. So if you didn’t get to hear his recent webcast interview live, you can access the recorded version here.

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1 Foehammer October 1, 2007 at 5:05 pm

Hope you’re feeling better.

Thanks for mentioning my podcast!

2 Meg October 28, 2007 at 8:45 am

Thanks for the mention 🙂 I hope you’re feeling back on top in no time.

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