Are Jihadists Visiting Your Blog?

by 1389 on September 14, 2007

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1389 Blog has been getting some strange visitors lately…

Screen shot showing a very suspicious search

This chart shows the search phrases that people entered yesterday to get to 1389 Blog.

Here’s what happened: Someone entered the phrase “how to make remote pipe bombs” into Google or another search utility. 1389 Blog was included in the list of sites that came up, simply because we ran a news story about the Goose Creek “pipe bomb boys”. The person clicked on the link to get to 1389 Blog.

For the record, there are NO instructions on this blog for making remote pipe bombs or any other WMDs. I wonder whether this particular visitor became frustrated and decided to get back at us by falsely reporting 1389 Blog as a “hate site.”

In case you’re wondering, there is no hate speech on this blog. No trash talk. No incitement to violence. No mention of anything pertaining to racial issues. No ad hominem attacks. No bloody pictures. Comments are moderated, and we don’t even allow swear words. So if you’re looking for an excuse to ban this blog, you will find it only in your imagination.

So how can you find out who is visiting YOUR blog?

By running blog statistics and checking them regularly.

Where do I get blog statistics?

You’ll need to download a plugin, sign up for a web-based utility, or have your hosting provider set up a statistics utility if you want to gather statistics. Just for starters, try these. Follow the instructions at the websites:

  • If you have a WordPress blog, whether it’s at or independently hosted, you can use the blog stats plugin.
  • Anyone with a blog can sign up for Google Analytics.
  • The free version of StatCounter lets you pinpoint the actual IP address for the most recent 500 page views. If this isn’t enough, you can upgrade to a larger log file size for a monthly fee.

How blog statistics can help you to improve your blog

There are other good reasons to run blog statistics.

For one thing, the only way you can build your audience is by trying different things on your blog, and then checking your statistics to see how readers react. You can see how many people are visiting, where they are coming from, which search phrases they used to get to your blog, which blog articles they are viewing, how long they are staying, what they are clicking, and so forth. If you don’t collect statistics, you’re just groping in the dark.


Our enemies use many avenues – including our own blogs –
to spread disinformation and propaganda. They also use many techniques to try to shut our blogs down entirely.

Jihadist disinformation in blog comments and email

Are e-jihadists attacking your blog?

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1 Foehammer September 14, 2007 at 1:30 pm

Google does not allow IP tracking through its search engines or Google Analytics, so that won’t help track down suspicious visitors by itself.

One of the most accessible ways to track visitors in more detail is to put a Sitemeter on a blog.

It’s hardly exact, but it fills and information gap on some levels where Google fails.

2 1389 September 15, 2007 at 3:50 pm

I’ve installed on both of my blogs. It logs IP addys for the last 500 page views. That suffices for now if it is checked regularly.

BTW, goes to my other blog, which is for useful links and notes that you can use on your own blog. Take a look and see what’s there!

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