Internet to Become a Toll Road

by 1389 on September 13, 2007

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…Because of lack of Concern and Inaction by Congress.

Toll plaza on Florida Turnpike

State and local government officials have been eyeing such tax possibilities for years. There’s an endless list of ways officials can tax the Internet including the taxing of email, downloads and a whole host of other transactions, services and emerging tools yet to come.”

“You can join the fight to help defend the Internet from duplicative, discriminatory and duplicative taxes. Click here to take action with the Don’t Tax Our Web coalition, or you can do nothing and get taxed when you click after November 1, 2007.”

  • CNET discusses the issue HERE.
  • William F. Shughart II of the Christian Science Monitor discusses HERE.
  • The Inquirer even picked up the battle cry HERE.

It is time for all levels of government to quit viewing the public as an open wallet. If you agree, contact all your Representatives and get them to make the moratorium permanent. Countries in Europe pay less for Internet, have faster Internet, have better cell phones and a better wireless network than the US. Any attempt to tax the Internet will once again put the USA on a tier below the rest of the world. We invented it and the rest of the world takes advantage of it, but our government thinks we should bear the burden of the cost and finance their pet pork projects.

This is yet another attempt to limit your access to a free exchange of ideas and open information.

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