Breaking News: Sonic Wall’s Censors Attack 1389 Blog!

by CzechRebel on September 10, 2007

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Update: Sonic Wall Threatens the 1389 Blog (AGAIN)

How did this blog get on SonicWALL’s blacklist?

The 1389Blog had been classified as a site offering Racism, Hatred and Violence. This quick message worked wonders:

I am almost certain that I am writing to a machine and that no human being will ever read this. However, on the odd chance that someone will read this:

It is obvious that SonicWALL exists for only two reasons:

1. Stifling free speech guaranteed Americans under the First Amendment &
2. Helping terrorists by censoring websites, which warn of terrorist activity.

The 1389 Blog has been warning the public about this campaign. Being enemies of American freedoms, the censorship squad at SonicWALL has decided to classify misclassify this site.

If I am wrong, give the 1389Blog an honest rating. If not, the world will know that Sonic Wall is the enemy of free speech and the ally for the terrorists.

Here’s the response I received:

Category 41 Society and Lifestyle & Category 31 Web Communications.

There is hope!


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