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by JennSierra on September 7, 2007

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An Open Letter to Kevin Rose, by Tamar Weinberg, dated 09/07/07:

I am writing to follow up with you regarding correspondence with a member of your team several weeks ago. I inquired about a domain that seems to be on your auto-bury list. Granted, you have never admitted to an auto-bury list, but the statistics speak for themselves. In the first link, it is obvious that the last story that was not buried was also popular and hit the front page 184 days ago. As of this writing, it has 903 Diggs. Not too shabby. However, in the second link, it appears that every single story submitted since then has been buried. That includes a total of 25 stories. One of them is from less than 24 hours ago and was buried with 2 Diggs. As an avid user of your service, I don’t think it would be off the mark to say that you are burying stories internally given that it is very rare for stories with less than 5-10 Diggs to be buried from my observations (and you know how often I wander the halls of Digg). I’m going to go a step further and make a claim that you are not only burying stories internally; you have a method of burying domains after an arbitrary amount of time has elapsed since the story was submitted. Here was a story from the domain that I submitted that got buried with 45 Diggs. Somehow, it accrued another 60 after it was buried. I have a hard time believing that the democratic voice of Diggers was responsible for this story’s burial. Similarly, these two stories are good Digg content, and I think that a good number of people would agree with my claim…(more)

resist1.PNGWe’re all familiar with Digg.com’s so-called “bury brigade,” which is a group of Diggers that seem to enjoy burying stories they disagree with, especially from sites, bloggers, or other Digg users that they don’t like. FHK has an archive of stories on this very topic, which is also part of the resist! censorship campaign.

Well, here are a couple of articles from earlier this year, written by bloggers who did some research on the theory that the Digg administrators may be burying stories, internally:

Now, why on earth would they do that?! Follow the money trail. Digg’s loyalty lies with its investors.

Several weeks ago, FHK’s Orlando provided a list of articles to read about the Digg Bury Brigade, and the buzz on the net about a possible problem with Digg, internally. One of the articles above was on the list plus these:

Suggested readings or sites to educate you about Digg burying:
Dugg Trends | Getting Buried in Digg | Digg Gets Buried on Noumenon | Is Digg Using Secret Moderators to Censor Its Users? | Digg Algorithms | Digg — More Than Meets the Eye | Is Digg Closer to Extinction Than we Realise? | Digg.com’s Autobury Secret Blacklist | Digg’s Dark Future and the Battle for Online Censorship | Digg’s Broken | ZDNet Not Immune to the Bury Brigade | Was I Just Censored on Digg? | Digg Has Moderators — They Just Suck

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