What about all of these unexplained incidents? Who’s connecting the dots?

by 1389 on September 6, 2007

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Where’s our system for tracking unexplained incidents and connecting the dots?

Read this article from the Northeast Intelligence Network:

If there were numerous precursor events and actual events of terrorism going on all over the United States of America with neither the national mainstream media nor the government you elected were acknowledging their occurrence would you know those events had occurred? No, you would probably not, unless you read this website often or had been told by your friends about it via word-of-mouth or an email with a link. Otherwise these events are untitled terrorism, they do not exist.

The article recounts some truly alarming patterns. Why are we not tracking them?

We must form a private organization to get this done.

I’ve discussed this before. I know it isn’t a simple project. But we obviously cannot rely on the government to do this for us, so we must find a way to get it done ourselves as a “grass roots” effort.

The people who maintain the Global Terrorism Incident Map have some useful software and could provide immensely valuable assistance, but they don’t have the funding to carry the whole project on their own.

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Can any of you help to get this project rolling?

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