Despite FBI foot-dragging, SC “Pipe Bomb Boys” indicted for terrorism in Tampa

by 1389 on September 2, 2007

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Smiling mug shots of Ahmed Mohammed and Yousef Megahed

What kind of people would smile for a mugshot?

Ahmed Mohammed and Yousef Megahed, that’s who. The two University of South Florida students who were caught with explosives in Goose Creek, SC, have finally been indicted for terrorism in Tampa.

Homeland security is up to the citizenry and the county sheriffs, not the DHS!

The SC Pipe Bomb Boys had been caught by the Berkeley County Sheriff’s department during a routine traffic stop. Despite the fact that Goose Creek is near the closely-guarded Naval Weapons Station Charleston, where nuclear weapons are handled and where enemy combatants have been held, the FBI had denied that Megahed and Mohamed were terrorists. The pair were held on local charges in a South Carolina jail while the FBI took its time to decide whether there was a terrorism link.

The establishment of the much-touted Department of Homeland Security has accomplished nothing more than to add another needless layer of bureaucracy over the FBI, the ICE, the Border Patrol, and who knows how many other federal bureaucracies that are still not getting the job done. It seems as though they don’t have any idea what their job is.

After 9/11, we have a right to expect that thorough background checks would be run on every foreigner applying for a student visa, and that there would be some monitoring of the whereabouts and activities of foreign students already in the U.S.

Indicted USF Student has Terror Past in Egypt:

According to officials familiar with the case, Mohamed has been arrested previously in Egypt on terrorism-related charges. He is said to have produced an Internet video showing how to build a remote-controlled car bomb.

If that’s so, our government was careless enough to allow a known terrorist and e-jihadist into the US. Wow.

This is not the first terrorist connection with the University of South Florida:


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1 Jenn Sierra September 1, 2007 at 9:11 pm

What kind of person would smile for a mugshot? Someone who’s proud of himself, and has NO remorse.

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