CAIR bullies CBS into dumping a Christian talk show host?! Let them know what you think!

by 1389 on August 28, 2007

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CBS has no room for Christians or for American Southerners.

For those who are not aware of this, it’s part of the Christian faith that believers are required – yes, REQUIRED – to tell the truth about our beliefs, and to bring the Good News to everyone we can reach. Taqiyya has NO place in Christianity. Florida televangelist Bill Keller was simply doing what a good Christian should do on a Christian talk show. But CAIR, a Muslim pressure group affiliated with Hamas, bullied CBS into dropping Keller’s show.

Here are two accounts of the disgraceful way CBS Corporation treated Florida televangelist Bill Keller:

But that’s not all. The CBS website has been providing a forum for over-the-top hate comments. CBS has allowed random crazies to spew filth and venom on the CBS website, particularly against American Southerners. After they got enough complaints, they eventually deleted the comments and, in effect, pretended the comments had never existed.

A high-traffic mainstream media site such as CBS has no business ever allowing unmoderated comments to appear in the first place. They should publish a comment policy with enough moderators to enforce it. They refuse to take any responsibility for what happens on their site, and they have no respect for Southerners or for anybody with traditional values. With that corporate mindset, it’s no wonder that the networks and the mainstream media have been steadily losing their audience!

Now let CBS know what you think of this!

Address of CBS Headquarters:
51 West 52 Street, New York, New York 10019-6188

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1 Bill Giltner August 29, 2007 at 11:23 pm

I hope you are being remunerated in some way for the work you put in to post the insane things you do.

Oh, wow, I notice from the weather report on the right you are from Louisville….

whew, boy, I wonder if I know you / you know me.

Twitter, the reason I even began to take note of this blog, is an interesting beast indeed to bring in contact such opposites..

2 1389 August 30, 2007 at 6:29 am


No, this is actually a team blog (I’m the admin) and nobody is being paid to do this.

I’m not from Louisville; I do IT contracting and this is where I currently happen to be. It’s unlikely that you’ve seen me anywhere. If we happen to see each other at a tweetup, I’d be happy to argue with you in person; but try to keep it civil!

If you don’t like my having pointed out that an Islamist pressure group with ties to Hamas has boasted about having perpetrating censorship in the US, you would have to come up with some evidence to the contrary, and I doubt that you can.

For the record, I’m a Christian, but not of the same denomination as Bill Keller. I don’t claim to agree with everything that Keller says, but that is not the point!

The point is that CBS is being flagrantly biased and hypocritical in censoring Keller – especially at the behest of a Muslim pressure group with ties to foreign enemies – while at the same time letting vulgar and offensive insults be posted on CBS’ own website.

Any high-traffic website where the comments are not moderated will soon become an electronic bathroom wall. CBS might as well be allowing vandals to spray-paint obscenities all over the walls of their corporate HQ, in which case their neighbors would undoubtedly complain!

People who hijack other people’s websites to spew temper tantrums are out of line. On the other hand, people who work hard to establish their own websites, radio shows, or other avenues of communication have rights that deserve protection. Their audience also has the right to receive those communications.

Oh, and by the way, if you claim that what I’m posting is insane, how do you know that other people aren’t saying the same about the articles on your blog? More to the point, if you think it’s crazy to complain about the censorship of Keller’s talk show, then who is going to defend you when somebody wants to take down YOUR blog?


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