Was this the REAL reason why WSJ reporter Daniel Pearl was murdered?

by 1389 on August 10, 2007

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Here’s the truth that Danny Pearl was trying to reveal… Courageous blogger Julia Gorin has a blog article, The Balkan Liar of Liars, that quotes a piece by reporter Daniel Pearl, who was murdered by al Qaeda terrorists in 1999. I read the excerpt, and it got me to thinking. It turns out that Danny Pearl had been exposing the elaborate hoaxes that were being used to rationalize the 1999 Kosovo War.

(For more evidence to back up the fact that this war was completely unjustified, see Julia Gorin’s other article, Ending the Balkan Quagmire at American Thinker.)

Another strong motive for al Qaeda to kill Danny… Now, if the public had gotten wind of the fact that Bill Clinton and his collaborators in both parties were inducing the U.S. and NATO to fight on the wrong side in the Balkans – on the side of the local branches of al Qaeda – then that would’ve been the end of their cozy little deal. The public would have demanded we stop fighting a war on behalf of the Balkans jihadists, and the public might even have demanded that we switch sides in the war! Danny Pearl had been working to tell the public the truth about jihadism in the Balkans and elsewhere. So of course al Qaeda had to kill Danny Pearl to shut him up as quickly as possible.

Rope, tree, Clinton Administration, U.S. Constitutional definition of treason – some assembly required! You understood me correctly when I said that the Clinton Administration and its collaborators in both parties aided and abetted the avowed enemies of the U.S.Bill Clinton without orange jumpsuit (If you have any further doubts about their culpability, the article When the Government Fails to Protect its Citizens gives specifics on some of the laws that they violated.)

Keep in mind that the Clinton Administration continued to support Balkans jihadists affiliated with al Qaeda, even after Osama bin Laden had issued his fatwa (i.e., declaration of war and mobilization order) against the U.S, and after he had led al Qaeda to perpetrate armed attacks against American assets. By any definition, this makes Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda an enemy of the U.S.

When the public finally understands all of the implications, and all of the consequences, of what the Clinton Administration led us into in the Balkans – not if, but when – there will be a public outcry to indict all major participants in this evil debacle on charges of having violated the U.S. Constitutional definition of treason. They are well aware that treason is a capital offense!

That’s another reason why so many people don’t want the truth to come out, even now. Danny Pearl wasn’t the first person murdered for trying to tell the public the truth about this matter, and he’s unlikely to be the last. The same thing could happen to any of us bloggers, too, not that we care! But the more voices that clamor for an investigation, the less likely it is that anybody can shut it down by getting rid of me or anybody else!

There’s something YOU can do right now!

Honor Danny’s memory by seeking the truth about the Balkans, and not accepting propaganda and spin at face value. Add your own voice to the demand to get the truth out about the corruption and jihadism in the Balkans!

There are two petitions on this site:

  1. Demand an investigation of the Martti Ahtisaari/UN corruption scandal in Kosovo.
    (More about this here: Petition to Demand Investigation of UN Bribery Scandal).
  2. Say NO to Kosovo independence. Granting “independence” to Kosovo would mean nothing more than turning Kosovo over to the local branch of al Qaeda.

Please read both petitions and sign them!

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1 Roger Strong August 11, 2007 at 12:18 am

So what you’re saying is:

– That Clinton singled someone who was merely one of many critics of the war.
– Then he convinced sworn enemies of the U.S. to protect the reputation of the U.S. by silencing that person.
– Because silencing him AFTER he published his criticisms would make a difference.
– And that doing it in a high-profile way, complete with video – thereby immortalizing him and his writing – was the best way to retroactively silence his published criticism.

Y’know, with all the people who believe these tinfoil hat conspiracy thoeries, it’s a wonder that tinfoil manufacturers don’t rule the stock market.

2 1389 August 11, 2007 at 8:57 am

In reply to Roger Strong:

You misunderstood what I said. :ohmy_tb:

I never said, nor did I intend to imply, that the Clinton Administration did anything to encourage al Qaeda to kill Danny Pearl.

I said that al Qaeda killed Danny Pearl to silence him (obviously). I said that one of the reasons why AQ felt the need to silence him was that he had written an article that debunked the Clinton Administration’s rationalization for helping al Qaeda in the Kosovo War.

Had Danny Pearl lived, there’s a good chance he would have been able to arouse the public to the extent that they would have demanded an end to the Clinton Administration’s pro-Muslim, pro-jihadist, and pro-al-Qaeda foreign policy in the Balkans. So that’s a strong motive for AQ to shut up Danny Pearl once and for all. The fact that this would make a martyr out of him was no big deal to them, on account of the fact that Danny had had too little opportunity to get his message out before he was killed.

I blame the Clinton Administration, not for taking any particular action to cause the death of Danny Pearl, but for pursuing this evil and traitorous foreign policy to begin with. This foreign policy has done irreparable harm both to the US and to our European allies. :furious_tb:

I hope that clears the matter up. If not, please feel free to comment further.

I’m “all ears” and I want to hear from you and other readers on this issue.

1389 🙂

3 Bill Giltner August 13, 2007 at 8:31 pm

Ok, Let’s see 1389.

Are you an idiot? Do you just play on TV the blogosphere?

Daniel Pear was murdered in Jan. / Feb. 2002.

I imagine you are not an idiot. Most likely you are simply young and you weren’t paying attention about 2001 / 2002.

By the way I agree with the gist of the post that Clintion has blood on his hands with the Kosovo situation.

Otherwise, in terms of your posts, you are a pitiful weasel. Are you a real weasel are a fake one?

Wake Up!

PS Your other commentors must be idiots too as they did not pick up the obvious error of the time fram of Pearl’s death.

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