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by 1389 on August 5, 2007

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Updated 8/17/07: Added News Feed Widgets page to this blog. This page contains scrollable news feeds, with a link to a site where you can get customizable news feed widgets for your own blog or website. Widgets are available in several formats, depending upon where you want to place them on the page.

1389 has added several scrolling news tickers to 1389 Blog – Anitjihadist Tech. The tickers are free; you can go to these websites and add the code to your own blog or website. To see how they actually work, look for them below:

News Widgets from Widgetbox:

Please be patient; they take a little while to finish loading!

Want Widgetbox widgets for yourself?

  • To get any Widgetbox widget on this page:
    • Click on the Add Widget button under the widget.
    • Select Customize Widget from the pop-up menu.
    • Choose the frame dimensions and color that fit your blog or website.
    • Copy the code into a text or HTML widget box in your blog layout, or into any other place on your blog or website that accepts scripted code.
    • Save your layout.
  • To select other free widgets, including music and playable web games:

NRA/ILA Widget:



Serbianna News

News Tickers

Israel News Guide

ynet news

Other Widgets and News Sources:

To install the news ticker, copy the code from the website and paste it into an element in your webpage or blog sidebar that accepts scripted code.

For instance, if your blog uses WordPress and you have selected a widget-ready template, add the code to a text widget. If no text widget is present in your sidebar, add a new one; otherwise, you can add the code to an existing text widget. Click on the text widget to open it, and paste the ticker code at the desired location.

Be sure to save your changes!

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