The Battle Against E-Jihadis: Why we need to know what we’re up against!

by 1389 on July 15, 2007

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This piece of good news:

Bad Day to Be an eJihadi/Cyber Terrorist

came in from The Jawa Report, not long after I had posted some remarks about an e-jihadist “hacker’s kit” that had been making the rounds of the Internet. Evidently, two sites that had been hosting this malware kit are gone.

Keep in mind, though, that the perps will try to come back as soon as they find another venue. All of us – bloggers and other private individuals, Internet service providers, anti-malware companies, other corporations, non-profit organizations, as well as law enforcement, the military, and other governmental bodies – will have to be a lot more vigilant in the future about tracking and combating attacks from this quarter.

You might be astounded to learn just how much a lone blogger can accomplish. The Cyber Jihad is Real shows us how a lone blogger with no prior experience put the kibosh on several significant threats. Knowledge of Arabic or other foreign languages is not necessarily a requirement, though it is helpful. This article links to several other resources, including:

Now go and read:

Sunni Insurgents in Iraq Guilty of Cyber Jihad.

You may already know that Sunni insurgents are posting jihadist videos on the Internet showing U.S. troops being killed. It doesn’t take long before al Qaeda’s mouthpiece al-Jazeera picks up those videos and uses them to incite further mayhem. Foehammer makes a good case that the Bush Administration’s attempts to keep the American public from seeing these images actually plays into the hands of our enemies.

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