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by 1389 on June 26, 2007

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If you’re a blogger, no doubt you’ve sometimes wanted to add more information or make corrections to one of your existing blog posts. You can use the editor in Blogger.com at any time to make your changes.

Here’s how to update your blog post in such a way that readers of your blog will notice the entry and see what has changed:

  • To get into the editor, sign on to Blogger.com to display your blog(s).
  • Click on “Manage Posts” for the desired blog.
  • Select the individual post that you want to update.
  • (If you are already signed on to Blogger.com, and the blog is on your screen, you can begin editing by clicking on the pencil logo beneath the blog post that you want to update.)
  • Type in your changes to the body of the blog post.
  • Add a line of text to indicate what has been updated. If possible, the line should be bold or highlighted in some way.
  • You can also update the blog post header. It’s safe to do this, because changing the header for an existing blog post will not change the blog post URL.
  • Change the blog posting date and time:
    • At the bottom of the text box in the Blogger.com blog post editor, there’s a Post Options selection with a “flippy arrow.”
    • Click on the “flippy arrow.” This will reveal various options, including the blog posting date and time.
    • Overtype the blog post date and time to change it from the past to the immediate future. This will cause Blogger.com to treat this blog post as the newest, and to reposition it to the top of the list.
    • Blogger.com differs from some other blogging systems in that Blogger.com will not hide a future-dated blog post until the future date and time arrives. On the other hand, Blogger.com will recognize this blog post as having the newest date, and reposition it accordingly on the screen.
    • If you are using Blogger.com’s feed option, Blogger will re-stream the updated version of the blog post into your Atom feed.
  • Publish your blog post as soon as you are satisfied with it.
  • Note that the changes to your blog might not appear immediately on your screen. To see the changed version, it may be necessary to clear your browse cache by deleting the temporary files in your browser.

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