How the U.S. and NATO were duped in the Balkans

by 1389 on June 19, 2007

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It is no exaggeration to say that the recent U.S./NATO/EU war against the Serbs, and on behalf of the sl-Qaeda-linked Muslim jihadists in the Balkans, was the product of the slickest propaganda and disinformation operation in recorded history.

Only now is the real story beginning to get any traction…and some of us have worked for years to get this to this point. Even so, it is a rare thing for anybody with political, media, or academic connections to come out of the woodwork and admit that the mainstream media, together with official sources, enforced a totally false portrayal of a war and of an entire people. But the tissue of lies is finally starting to unravel, and the truth is coming out, whether anyone likes it or not.

At least one person, evidently without having read any of these articles, has already vilified me, by accusing me of “peddling genocide denial,” simply for having raised this issue. I knew that was going to happen, because the mainstream media have usurped the roles of judge, jury, and executioner. The unthinking mob follows like lemmings, never imagining that the same thing could someday happen to them. The instant that the media have accused someone of a heinous offense, whether there is any basis for it or not, it’s already too late. From then on, anyone else who dares to say, “Let’s take another look at the evidence!” is immediately tarred with the same brush.

Have Americans learned anything from the Michael Nifong bogus-rape case? Or from Nifong’s disbarment and suspension for numerous acts of prosecutorial misconduct, such as withholding exculpatory evidence? Or from the fact that Nifong was more than willing to continue ruining the lives of innocent people, rather than man up and admit that he had been mistaken?

Evidently not! So many people still want to believe that the Nifong debacle is an isolated instance. Not only is the Nifong case far from unique; but also it is a mirror in microcosm of the vast scope of deception, the prosecutorial abuse, and the total absence of due process of law, that have accompanied the recent wars against the Serbian people and their ongoing aftermath.

Just read these articles! Read them carefully. If you disagree with what you see, it behooves you to research the facts yourself before you comment. If you are afraid to read these articles, ask yourself why. And if you discover that you have had a mistaken impression of what was going on, grow up and admit it!

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1 June 25, 2007 at 2:06 am

Having grown up in apartheid South Africa, I learned to recognise media spin, and the spin was apparent in op-ed pieces that appeared in the media before the break-up of Yugoslavia, to prepare the way for it.

I’m not sure that the US and Nato were “duped”, however. They rather tried to dupe the world.

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