It takes a mighty big person to repent these days!

by 1389 on June 3, 2007

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It’s not about looks, bodily stature and strength, celebrity, power, or wealth.

It’s all about emotional and spiritual fortitude.

With all of the public-apology-fests we hear about these days, from the unspeakably hypocritical Don Imus brouhaha to the flying TB patient, it’s getting harder and harder to find folks who can repent of their own wrongdoing before they have been put under pressure by civil authorities, media hounding, public disgrace, or all of the above. Were this merely a personal spiritual issue for those who cannot turn aside from the wrong path they have chosen, it would be bad enough.

But when those who cannot repent are public figures, the slippery slope to destruction grows broad enough to encompass us all.

This is why the defamation of the Serbs never seems to end. I am talking about the US/NATO/EU government officials and bureaucrats, the NGO/”think tank”/academia frauds, the mainstream media people, and everybody else who has played a part in this over the last decade and a half (and more). The New York Times is one recent example; see Still Slandering Serbia.

The accusers keep sticking to their wrongheaded story–no matter how obvious it becomes that the U.S. has been fighting on the wrong side, on behalf of the Muslim jihadists in the Balkans.

It’s true that too many of them have built their career on Serb-bashing. But there’s another reason why these high-placed Serb-bashers dare not recant. It’s because they have caught themselves in their own trap.

Lying is the lubricant that keeps the machinery of evil in motion. But now, the perpetrators can’t get off their own runaway train. Nor can they let the rest of us off.

In the name of “justice,” they relentlessly demanded draconian punishments for any Serbs accused of real or fictitious war crimes. Now the tragic irony is that these accusers cannot recant their own false allegations without inviting the same harsh fate for themselves that they have been demanding for the Serbs.

Lies have consequences. Their own false allegations against the Serbs resulted in a very real genocide against the Serbs. If these Serb-bashers were ever to admit they had been wrong, they would have reason to fear that, at some point–maybe years from now, maybe sooner–they would be called to account, and would find no more mercy than what they themselves had dealt out to the Serbs. And that is what they are truly most afraid of.

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Stein hoists to these valiant bloggers:

Thanks to all of you for having the courage to discuss this issue. Sadly, I too must admit that it took me way too long to understand what was going on.

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1 June 4, 2007 at 10:40 am

Genocides are a big deal, especialy when they happen in your own backyard. People with a hard on for Serbia like yourself are coming from a very dark place.

2 June 4, 2007 at 10:49 pm

First of all, nobody is denying that “genocides are a big deal.” But so are false accusations of genocide and other capital crimes, which are used as a basis for perpetrating a very real genocide against those falsely accused. Ever hear of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion?

I can tell that you are not from the Balkans. If you have something factual to say about genocide that did, in fact, occur in “your own backyard,” then say it. But don’t make or pass along unsubstantiated allegations and hearsay that you have no way to verify.

You have let yourself become a sad example of the effects of mainstream media indoctrination. Once an entire ethnic group has been tried, convicted, and sentenced in the media, anybody who stands up to defend them is vilified.

In this era of political correctness, there unfortunately is a big pent-up demand for some ethnic group that everybody can hate without feeling guilty. It’s right out of 1984, the Serbs were picked for that unenviable role, and you went right ahead and drank the media’s “hatorade.” It’s time to throw it out and take a fresh look at whether or not there was any basis for those allegations.

Finally, there is no excuse for the vulgar phrase that you used to describe my concerns about the survival of my ancestral homeland and its people.

You are free to comment here again, but if you do, please keep your language clean. Commenters should have an opportunity to be heard, and we all value civil discussion and open debate. If I think someone is flagrantly wrong, I’ll say so. But I will not permit this blog to become a cesspool. Be advised that any vulgar phraseology in the future will most likely result in the entire comment being deleted.

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