AutoVantage poll says South Florida’s drivers are the rudest

by 1389 on May 16, 2007

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For the second consecutive year, an AutoVantage poll has rated South Florida’s drivers the nation’s rudest. Some people dispute the findings, saying that the poll’s margin for error is too high. But others say the results comport with what they see every day, ranging from ordinary discourtesy to road rage and everything in between: slamming on brakes, running traffic signals, and reading while driving (which 1389 has seen).

Evidently, there is a problem here, and surely not all of it can be blamed on out-of-town drivers with poor driving habits who are unfamiliar with the area. So what’s making people so angry? Are people frustrated or misrouted because of too many road-construction blockages, too few alternative through streets, confusing or missing signage, or faulty highway design? Or is it a cultural issue? Comment here if you have any ideas!

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